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Friday, May 7, 2021

Apple new sale method: Users now subscribe iPhone at cheaper rates

The sales graph for the iPhone is very messed up in India and it is becoming unpredictable and this can affect the companies annual revenue as well. However, India out-performed in terms of Mac sales...

Cognizant will fire 13,000 employees – Content Moderation is closed

Cognizant is closing its Content Monitor Business. Because of this step, it can affect 13,000 employees in total globally and people who are looking for Cognizant, need to be aware of the situations. More than 500 employees from...

75 Lakh Adobe accounts leaked online. Adobe says nothing to worry

Adobe exposed a 7.5 Million user account to Online and it is solely caused by mistake or error from the Adobe. Luckily, the Financial records and the transactional information are not exposed online or else...

Amazon and Flipkart may not offer deep discounts – Govt action

The quick answer from any customer for a perfect place for shopping will be Amazon and Flipkart. So it very clear that the major percentage share is occupied by Amazon and Flipkart. Having huge capital and...

Indian Railways added 2500 services to ensure Safety , Availability etc

Due to the increasing rush of the trains, Indian Railways is coming up with the many special features to cope up with the festival rush. India railways are going to add extra 2500 services onboard...

Every DTH user must complete the KYC process – New update from TRAI

TRAI usually comes up with the latest updates month after month. Though some of the updates are related to the knowledge purpose. But this time, TRAI has actionable work that needs to be carried out...