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Saturday, January 18, 2020

New MacBook pro 2018 70% faster than previous MacBook Pro

Importance and foremost reason to buy MacBook Pro  Professionals in any areas can use the New MacBook Pro 2018. The MacBook Pro 2018 has many features as compared to previous versions. It works 70% faster, and...

Whether A Headphone Or An Earphone, Now We Know It All

Life these days have become quite a gadget base done. Almost all of us are always attached to our smartphones. Our tendency of heavy interaction with the virtual world of social media seems like...

Xiaomi bluetooth pocket speaker 2 one of the best affordable speaker

Xiaomi launched the latest new audio product in the Indian market as Xiaomi Bluetooth Pocket Speaker 2 with minimalist design. Its heights and widths are 3.6 inches vertical and 2.3 inches horizontally and in India,...

Convert your Android smartphone into iPhone XS Gold.

Why we need change ?We always tend to have a new things going on in our life. We feel lazy if our life is so routine and...

Some specs about Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro

A new phone is adding up in Samsung A series format. Samsung has recently launched Galaxy A9 pro smartphone in India pricing 32,490. It will go on sale in India on September 26th. A...

Does Apple AirPods worth to buy? Let’s figure out

These days Flagship smartphones moreover following Apple style and removing the headphone jack from their phones and even  Companies claiming that the removal of the headphone jack is to incorporate more features within the...