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Sunday, April 11, 2021

7 reasons why you should NOT buy iPhone XS

Every time you might come across, ten reasons why you should buy iPhone, blah blah blah. To break this routine lets now concentrate on some aspects for which we should not...

5 things Apple doing wrong over couple of years

No brand can be perfect upto it's mark. Especially in the case of Apple, though the practicality may not be upto its mark. But the brand value in people's mind had set...

New MacBook Pro 2018 vs 2017 MacBook Pro vs iMac 5K shocking results

Lot's of confusion is going around the internet regarding MacBook Pro i9 performance. Confusions like...? Heating Problem Less performance than previous MacBook Pro's Keyboard problems Software issues. So, What we are up to now? let's extract...

New MacBook pro 2018 70% faster than previous MacBook Pro

Importance and foremost reason to buy MacBook Pro  Professionals in any areas can use the New MacBook Pro 2018. The MacBook Pro 2018 has many features as compared to previous versions. It works 70% faster, and...

Xiaomi bluetooth pocket speaker 2 one of the best affordable speaker

Xiaomi launched the latest new audio product in the Indian market as Xiaomi Bluetooth Pocket Speaker 2 with minimalist design. Its heights and widths are 3.6 inches vertical and 2.3 inches horizontally and in India,...
asus zenfone

Asus Zenfone 5z everything you should know about

  About Asus ASUS is a multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company which is in Taiwan in the year 1989. It is the No.1 Company in Motherboards and Gaming brands. ASUS products include Desktops, PC...