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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Do Realme Earbuds Worth to Buy? Let’s Figure Out.

For today’s generation after the cell phones, the other most important thing comes are earphones.As to enjoy the best sound quality, calling and experiencing bass earphones become...

Are the smartphones helpful in day to day life ?

Today's topic is the smartphones boon or curses we can't judge the thing with only positive side because every good side has its own dark side too. we are talking about the smartphones which has...

Increase AirPods sound quality 10x just by spending 10% of AirPods cost

Either you came here for information or else you have Apple AirPods with you. Have you ever questioned yourself that, What is the major difference between wired earphones and AirPods? You may say... It's connected...

Apple AirPods 2 Worth to upgrade ? Know the differences

In my Previous Article, I have mentioned that AirPods 2 is going to get introduced during the Apple 25th event. But here that won't be a case anymore.Also Read: Top AirPods Tips and tricks...

2019 Top Upcoming Apple Products-The new iPhone 11

After such a great start of the 2019, people are looking for the new technologies where the Apple products are the most favorable of all.Apple company loves...

New MacBook Pro 2018 vs 2017 MacBook Pro vs iMac 5K shocking results

Lot's of confusion is going around the internet regarding MacBook Pro i9 performance. Confusions like...?Heating Problem Less performance than previous MacBook Pro's Keyboard problems Software issues.So, What we are up to now? let's extract...