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Friday, July 3, 2020

Amazon new Alexa compatible Smart products – Smart Oven

Amazon's Alexa is one of the popular assistants. It even out beats the  Google Home for its response and compatibility of the device.If you're wondering, Alexa can be used to control each and every...

ICICI Bank has enabled HCE through its wallet.

ICICI Bank has enabled HCE through its wallet. Imagine walking into a department store , picking out all the things you need ( and don't really need), and queuing up at the billing counter only...

Body scanners need to be made compulsory at all airports soon

All the aviation decisions are taken by the Indian Bureau of Civil Aviation Security to implement any kind of scanners or X-Rays.This time, BCAS had taken ahead in the terms of security and said...

How to earn money online from home without investment

Today I have come up with the regular topic with some Add-on Spice. Moreover, here I will be presenting the idea which needs less investment. Although there...

Simple Steps to follow while hiring people for our company

Let us assume you are running a business, maybe small or large, and suddenly you are in need to hire an employee or two. Then there are the rules and points you need to...

Which one to use? Affiliate marketing or Google Adsense

These are two terms that every blogger must be aware of. For those who are not aware of these two terms, Affiliate marketing and Adsense are two ways in which one can make money...