India will now make history to land on Moon on September 6th-Chandrayaan


Another proud moment to India is on the way to make us proud. It’s time to visit Moon following the planet successful mission on Mars.

Previously it was Mangalyaan which got into the planet Mars and this time Chandrayaan 2 visiting the Moon. Surprisingly you don’t need to wait much for the launch.

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It is set to launch on July 9 – 16 and it will reach the moon on September 06. The information which we got from the ISRO is that all the details of Chandrayaan-2 are there and it will be India’s 2nd Lunar exploration mission.

What are the details we have about Chandrayaan?

Chandrayaan-2 will be the second Lunar Mission to be launched. All the plan has been on the list and all the works are going to get that ready.

To get the launch carried out it will be using Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark -lll or GSLV MK-lll. Moreover, it first took place in 2017 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Andhra Pradesh.


How Chandrayaan is going to be launched?

Chandrayaan-2 has three Modules:

  • Orbiter
  • Lander ( Vikram )
  • Rover ( Pragyan)

The orbiter and lander modules will be attached mechanically to each other and the complete package will go into the GSLV MK-lll launch vehicle.

Once Chandrayaan reaches the Lunar orbit, Vikram will be separated from the orbiter and it will land on the predetermined site near to south pole.

What will be the Lander do after landing on to the Moon?

Isro Chairman K Sivan stated, after landing Vikram on the Moon on September-6 it will roll out for 300-400 metres.

Moreover, Vikram will spend 14 earth days on the moon and it will carry many scientific experiments on the moon.

The main task is to figure out all the possible information available on the Moon which you can say the gases, Minerals, Temperatures and liquids.

Because these are the primary information required and need to capture by any mission. By this, we can analyse whether life can exist over it or not.

Can Chandrayaan-2 be a successful mission?

Actually, the mission was planned earlier year and it was delayed due to some difficulties. Moreover, it is very difficult to accomplish the mission. Usually, before lauching, proper tests will be carried out at that time during landing Vikram had got damaged to its one of its legs.

The successful mission which was launched by the countries are…

  • Russia
  • US
  • China

Israel also lost the credibility as the mission got failed on April 12 this year. Experts claim that the landing Chandrayaan-2 will be much more difficult compared to Israel’s Beresheet, though it was landed on a plain surface called solidified lava which has more visibility towards the sun.

If you look over the past launch of Chandrayaan which has the only orbiter launched on October 22, 2008. The total cost of the mission was Rs. 386 Crore. The spacecraft made more than 3,400 orbits around the moon and it took more than a hundred but at last, it lost communication with spacecraft.

This time the main difference compared to the previous Chandrayaan is that the lander( Vikram ) will land on the moon and continue its research.

I hope everything goes well and I will be updating you regarding this.