Convert your Android smartphone into iPhone XS Gold.


Why we need change ?

We always tend to have a new things going on in our life. We feel lazy if our life is so routine and need to do same things over and over.

Generally don’t like but to get things done we need to do our job daily with that same routine. There’s no other option… Right ?

What do you do to break that routine ? Like to stay home on weekends ? or else like Apple a day Keeps doctor away and a movie a week keep stress away ?

They are many who just like to stay home on weekends with their family after a stressfull work at office.

To bring change in this routine can affect our life and cant be predecitcable. So what if we bring changes to the products which we use ? Sounds intresting ? Keep on reading…

Let’s get into the world of mobile… It’s tremendable… Every month we see a new phone launching. What the heck is going on dude ?

Mobile market has opted a J curve since 2014. Now is hell of difficulty to select the perfect smartphone for us.

Let’s consider you have purchased a new smartphone and used it for couple of months. Later for sure you will get a new model in the market if you have purchased a Xiaomi , Honor , VIVO , Oppo brand phone.

You will certainly feel less intrested with the present phone which you have. So whats next ? Very few likely to purchase a new smartphone but for those who dosen’t want to invest on a brand new phone.

Coming to iPhone , many people dream of purchasing it as a status symbol. But many can’t due to their pricing…

Don’t worry I have a solution for this… Yes!

Now we will change your regular Android phone into a iPhone in terms of Looks…

We won’t be doing any rocket science stuff to execute this task. It’s going to be a simple DIY ( Do it Yourself ).

You just need to follow simple steps to execute this task…

1) You need to have a Golden Firbre Skin to make your phone look like iPhone XS Gold

We nee to purchase this because this is gonna be the thing which goes as a cover over your Android Phone.

Click Here to purchase.

2) Match Box

Not for anyother… It requires in the process. Just keep a side.

3) Any card ( You can use ATM Card )

This will be used to flatten the paper.

How to start the Process

1)First we need to print the back side text of Apple iPhone’s. Take the Golden Fibre Skin and place that back of the printer panel.

2) Copy the Apple Logo and the below text in MS Word and later print that.

iphone xs gold

3) After taking print, your print should be in the same format along with bright black color. If not it doesn’t give orginal look and feel.

4) Take stationary blade and cut out the Apple logo as neatly as possible. The reason why it need to be cut it our because without cutting out it look’s artificial.

5) After doing step 4 , now you need to clean your phone back panel to remove the residue.

iPhone remove the cover

6) Next you need to remove the cover of the Golden Carbon Fibre.

7) After removing the outer cover you will see the silver type of sheet from backside.

Properly Align

8) The next step you need to do is to align the sheet on the smartphone properly.

9) After sticking the sheet on the smartphone with your hand at first. Later you need to use any card to rub it off on the sheet to make it pure flat.

10) This would be the most tricky part, here you need to do is, take match stick or blow torch to heat the sides of the phone. To make it stick to the sides.

11) Using sharp object cut around the edges of the sheet to make the sheet align with smartphone properly.

12) Cut the edges around your camera and onto the charging port and the remaining buttons. You can do with the pen to cut the buttons and camera part.

Final piece

So after successfully completing these steps, you will get to see in this way. Anyways from distance, it looks like iPhone XS Gold if your camera is in vertical configuration. You can try this for fun. I hope you like it.!

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