Delete junk photos from your smartphone automatically

Delete junk photos from your smartphone automatically

The usage of your smart phone is increasing day by day. We are moving in the world of technology rapidly. The youth of today’s generation want to get socially connected to every social site like (Facebook, Whats App, Hike, Instagram, Snap chat, and many more). And nowadays we all like to be socially connected.

The most used social application we can’t live without is WhatsApp As everyone is familiar with this Social Networking site.  But it’s an app where we can have conversation with our family member, friends, and there may be some group of your friends circle or joint family group. But now days WhatsApp marketing is also very famous were they show their discount coupon or gift voucher and many more.

It’s good to be with friends all the time connected. But if we have some advantages then there might be some disadvantages. The greatest disadvantages is it consume your mobile data or WI-Fi and we mostly use WhatsApp on our smart phone. If your smart phone has less memory, mostly the memory is consumed by social photos, videos, audio. Which might be sent by your friends and relative member as we can’t ignore or block them.


Some might think it’s there moral duty to wake up them in the morning by sending picture of birds, sunrise, or morning quote. We all consider this all message as a span message, but we don’t want to annoy them so we forcefully see it. So to overcome drawback we need a solution which will help you to delete all the junk automatically from your phone.


Siftr, an Indian startup founded by ex-adobe employs, has launched an intelligent android app the help you get rid of all the junk from your phone.


App, Magic cleaner will help to clean the unwanted photos from the phone . First it will scan your phone then it will analysing the junk photo from the phone. It will delete the photo with your permission .the photo will be deleted from the phone .

Note: – For cleaning the junk content the application need some data for recognition through cloud.

The size of app is also too small (download size:-6.45 MB)


Working Principle behind this application

It work similar like cloud vision  Google’s image recognition API. Siftr has developed own image recognition engine that analysis the content of an image to determine whether it’s junk or not.

I have personally used this application it has deleted approximately 2000+ photo from my phone . the best thing about this app is it is freely available on play store  and App store . Compatible in android and iPhone.



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