It’s time to shift to Debit-Cum-Credit Card all in one


We all know that Credit and debit cards are very usefull to us and especially Credit cards. 

Credit cards  are slightly have an advantage over debit cards. However , at the same time you have side effects which impacts us mentally to spend more and we may miss our control. 

So many people even forget credit cards in home and they end up not buying anthing. 

So , keeping these things in mind. IndusInd Bank had introduced Debit-CUM-Credit card. Did not get it? Okay! I will explain this in detail. 

Now let’s have a look over the card , how it looks and how it works. 

difference between debit card and credit card
Front End
Back Of Debit-CUM-Credit

The crazy part is, card is printed on my Name. hehe. Anyways, here you can observer the art work on the card is so attarctive. 

Company is calling this called DEO card and can work as both debit and credit card which sounds too good. 

How one card can do two things ?

Nothing is impossible , on the right hand side you will get credit card EMV chip is ONLY usable for credit-card purposes. On the left hand you will see the debit-card EMV chip.  

When you see back side of the card you can see two magnetic strips are attached. Downside strip is for credit card and upper side strip is for a debit card.

The main thing of using this Card is…

  • 2 in 1.
  • No need to worry about another card for different purpose. 
  • We get same number for Credit card and debit card as well. 
  • Easy shopping. 
  • Easy paying bills.

Some other advantages of taking this card.

1) Single Account statment.

Gnerally you will get two account statment for debit and credit as well. But here you will get only one account statment which clears your transactions very easily. In that you can easily differentiate between credit and debit card transactions. By this you can easily notice credit card dues and pay them on time. 

2) Easy spending. 

Spending will be damn easy because whenever you want you can use credit card and in some payments you can use your crdeit card. Which feels very hassle free and very comfortable. You can make decisions easily which one to use and when to use that card. 

3) Reward Point system

We all know about reward points but the fact is it would be seperate as we would have debit and credit cards seperate. 

In this , due to both are present in one you can get reward points spending on either debit or credit. So you can get reward points on both debiot and credit transactions and can be used for redemption. This can be very useful when you use mostly prefer cashless transactions. 

4) Safe Shopping 

Secuirty should be the number one priorty whern it comes to online. So here they have added 2-Step authentication for extra security. 

5) Free Movie tickets

Obviously you will get more offers, the offer is like if you buy one movie ticket and you will get another one free. 

6) Travel Waiver

This can be very useful for travel and business persons. With this Due card you will get Travel Plus programme in which you will get special waivers on lounge usage charges outside India.  

7) Fuel surcharge Waiver. 

In petrol transactions, the dealer make a fixed amount per liter of fuel sold. They cannot take the loss of 3%. Hence they charge additional Fuel surcharge to make up for that loss. 

8) Protection

Here protection is about people, it’s like a type of insurance and when something fatal or tragedy happens even in Air accidents we can avail up to Rs. 25 Lakhs. You will get insurance on lost baggage, loss of passport or ticket and also for missed connections. Personal accidental death insurance of Rs 2 Lakhs.

So if you want to opt for this card , go HERE