Digital-Hub of Nissan offering 500 digital Jobs for Indians


What is Digital Hub?

In simple words…

You can define a digital Hub is a place where the company stores all the information in the digital form.

The information may be related to marketing stuff or promotional offers.

Here our topic is related to the company Nissan…

Therefore, Nissan is going to run their digital operations like we say…

1) Showcasing Electric Vehicles.

2) Service-related help.

3) Upcoming vehicles

In addition to that, You can even book electric vehicles in future.

Why is the use of Digital-Hub?

We are in technology developing era so nothing can be better than establishing a digital-hub for a company.

The main reason behind digital-hub is to increase user experience by providing information online.

You can even get quick updates when-ever company launches or shares some valuable info and moreover, you can also pay service bills online. You can get hassle-free experience.

Sometimes we may not get the right information regarding waiting period of our car.

Here you can get information related to the waiting period of your vehicle.

What are the activities going out there at Nissan Digital-Hub?

The company had shared some information regarding some activities such as…

1) User-Experience

They offer you easy navigation to the products and everything online which increase user experience.

2) Product Development

It is the core feature of any company as product development should be carried out in any industry for company development.

Here, the company can showcase their vehicle development to the users.

Electric vehicle Technology

It’s not very far that we run out of fuel very soon and latest researches expect that fuel can last up to 2080.

So based on these studies we need to upgrade the vehicles very fast in order to avoid any problems regarding transportation.

Each and every trying company trying their best to manufacture electric cars to be in the lineup.

Nissan will focus on electric vehicles, security and data analysis to cater to the need of modern cars.

Why have they selected India?

India has become the right place for investing and grabbing the right opportunity to increase any type of business to its peaks.

There are many people here in India have high capabilities and potential to achieve success.

So even Nissan is targeting younger generations to boost up their sales and even in developing their product lineup.

Who can Apply for this Job?

Nissan officially announced that it is going to target younger generations of IT and computer science engineering students.

So, if you are from Software and IT filed then you can try your luck.

As per my analysis, the company will focus on Designing filed whether it may be of website designing, marketing, software development, cyber-security.

If you’re having experience in these fields you have more chances of getting the job.

Nissan told ” They are looking for 500 employees in the software sector ”

The digital-hub will be located at Technopark-owned by the state government in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala before moving to a permanent location in the city.

The company haven’t told any information regarding Job applying procedures but still, you can contact them by visiting the company website.