Facebook Oculus launches the Horizon the first VR Social World


Facebook is completely into solving its privacy issues and slowly improving its privacy and polices to meet up the federal laws.

VR for Entertainment as well as for settling down

At present, Facebook is looking and trying to do out of the box for its next update. It is also focusing on Cryptocurrency and as well as in the Blockchain technology.

But in Facebook’s annual developer’s conference, they have come up with very innovative and advanced technology.

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will launch a Virtual Reality Social Media community for those who use Oculus headgear.

The Social VR platform is called Horizon which transforms Social Media experience into virtual reality.

Facebook strongly believes that the present time is to focus on Augmented reality which can have a bright impact in the coming years.

VR World

Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the VR program which is called Horizon at Oculus’ annual developer conference in San Jose, California.

In the event, Facebook told, to make the VR more portable and advanced they will come up with the hand tracking feature instead of controllers.

Use of Facebook Horizon

Mark describes, VR is very immersive and very natural with real experience. Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014 for $2 Billion and now they are using the technology to create a digital virtual world.

In Facebook’s Horizon, people can interact with other digital avatars and it can be a new virtual world.

Moreover, people can create any type of activity from start and can add unexceptional features to cope up with the real world.

At present, the VR is for developers because at present there is Hardware and tools, but developers need to develop something from which users can take immense advantage from it.

Still, 2-years are left to get the VR model mainstream. At present, developers will develop the complete product package for various purposes.

Some useful Mainstream examples of

VR itself is a virtual world and can replicate the real-life world experiences.  So it can be used to train forces under emergency situations and even it can have a wide range of different worlds.

If you want to get out of the stress world, you can select the peacefull world in VR to enjoy the artificial sceneries.

VR can be used in real estate.

3D models are generally used to demonstrate the site and flat to the customer to get the experience of real feel. But the whole thing is designed under VR, it can give immense real-life experience to the customers to their future house feel with real dimensions and size.

Build your own space

If you want to build your own space, you can use the objects and shapes in the VR to create structures of our own. You can add different colors and shadings to your objects.

Education purpose

VR can play a huge impactful role in education,  people can integrate different practical examples to demonstrate the real-life results.

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