How to create Facebook location pages and promote your local store


Advertising has been a significant important aspect for any business to rank higher in this competitive market

Big giants like Facebook and Google are also trying to implement new innovative ideas for advertisers to reach their milestones as soon as possible.

Recently Facebook had rolled out a new feature called “ Facebook location Page “

So, what is Facebook location page and how business owners were going to get advantage from this?

Before that, Let’s decode,  which type of business is getting advantage from this…

For example, you’re the owner of Starbucks. OH really?! Just kidding! ? Ok Ok, be calm, I will take another example… For example, you’re the owner of some coffee shop, and you have many branches within the city. Then this Facebook feature is for you.

  • Business having more than one location can take advantage of this.

You can even promote separate business locations to the specific local audience. ; messages

Now, I will explain in detail, how to set up Facebook Location page and how to promote each of your storefronts.

Before that, we will look over the…

Features of the Facebook location page

  • Here you need to create a location page for each storefront. By this, you can promote your local store specifically to the assigned locations.
  • With the new feature introduced by Facebook, you can create a separate location page for each of your storefronts.
  • You can connect those storefronts to your Main branding page.
  • Moreover, those storefronts will be displaying in Facebook search as well. So your customers can look over for discounts or information in your specific location stores.
  • After setting up your location page, users can see the location tab onto the left sidebar of your main branding page.
  • When users click on the location tab, they can see your location of your stores. Even users can search the location of your store.
  • Therefore, navigation will be simple for customers. It adds more value to your business, and you can observe the increase in sales because ? 80% of customers prefer to buy goods nearer to their location. So, more customers will know your storefront location through Facebook which increases your sales. ?



1) How to create your Facebook location page

  • Before have, you need to have a Facebook Page which will be your main branding page.
  • After that, you need to set up locations of your stores. Later on, you can proceed with setting up your Location Page.

Setting up the Location Page

1) First of all, you need to log into Business Manager(Top right drop-down menu, where logout is located) and select Business Locations under assets.

To go directly, Click here

2) Then you need to select your main Facebook Page under which you’re going to create a location page(s).


3) After choosing your main branding page, you will get these options. Now, you need to click get started.


facebook location pages


4) If you have provided a pre-saved address into your main page before, you will get ” The Page has an existing address” warning.

5) So, you need to remove the address linked to your main page, to do this. Just check the message displayed at the bottom of the page.



6) If your main page has an address, you can select that address for an individual specific location page. i.e., the address on the main brand page will be shown as a separate location page. 

7) To do so, replicate these settings in the image below…


8) For example, there is no pre-address on your main page then you won’t see any warning sign.

9) Soon after clicking next, you will see the below messageSatisfying message in any field. ?


facebook location pages

10) After clicking Add locations, you will get three options…

  • Manually Add location:  If you have a limited number of local stores, you can add it manually by selecting the first option.
  • If you have multiple locations, you can upload locations in a CSV format which saves your time.
  •  Migrate an existing page: What it means is, if you have any other page with different address, you can make those pages into location pages by migrating.



11) If you select, manually add a location. You need to fill up all those details.


12) Moreover, you can also add business hours and prince range according to your store timings and price range.

13) You can observe in the section of ” Name “ in location information option; there is no edit option. That means you cannot change the location page name. It will remain the same as your original main page name.

Note: Make sure you have added all the fields on the location information or else you cannot proceed further.  

14) After clicking save, give a minute to add your location. If you want to add another location, click on ” Add Location” which is at top right.

15) After successfully adding a location, you can view your main page name address and phone number.

Now you have successfully created your location page…

2) How to check your created Facebook location pages and add more information

After creating your location page, you need to check its settings and other information. To do so…

  • Open your main page, Navigate to settings at the top of your page.

  • Now, from the left sidebar options, you need to select the “locations” option.


  • After proceeding, your location page information along with address and phone number will be displayed. To open your location page, click on your location page name. 

  • Due to some issues, I could not show my information. However, when you open your newly created Facebook location page, the profile photo and cover photo will be the same as your main branding page.



  • There are lots of other details you can add it to your Facebook Location page like…
  1. Business details
  2. Store information
  3. Advertisements specifically to location pages and many others…

3) Posting content in branding page and Facebook Location pages.

So here, you have control over your postings done on branding page and which post should; messages on your Facebook location pages.

However, the default option is Main branding page posts will be seen in location pages only when there are no posts in location pages“.

You can have settings like:

  1. All posts posted in Main branding page will be displayed on location pages.
  2. Show posts from the brand page only when location pages don’t publish their posts.
  3. Never show posts from your brand page to location pages.

One more thing to know, posts posted on location pages cannot be displayed on your main branding page. This means you can post updates on each location pages separately.

This makes your location pages franchises of your main branding page and content and offers should be relevant to that particular location. By this, you can increase engagement for your local audiences.

For a larger business, I recommend you to keep branding post and location page posts separate.

For smaller business, I recommend you to show brand page posts to location pages and at the same time, adding individual posts to your location pages.

4) Settings you can make to your location Page

  • Shortcuts:  Adding your Page to your shortcuts will make it stay in the top-left of your home page.
  • Page Visibility: You will have two options, that is… Page published and Page unpublished. If you select page unpublished, only the admins can see your location page. So make sure, after setting up location.
  • Visitors post: Unless in some different situations, I recommend you to opt for disable posts by other people.

  • Newsfeed audience visibility: When you create a post, you can choose which people see it in the News Feed by selecting your audience’s interest, gender, age and more. You also have the option to control who sees the post on your Page’s Timeline by limiting the audience by location and language.

5) How to attract local customers.

So now, you’re all set for location pages. Now, what you should do? You need to post content for the local audience to buy your products or service.

Mainly attracting the local audience is quite a difficult task than attracting customers to the main branding page.

Why because the reach will be low for local pages because location pages concentrate more on the local audience. Whereas, the main branding page targets for the larger audience so content engagement won’t be an issue.

Steps you need to follow before posting content to your location pages. 

  • First, you need to keep in mind that for what purpose you’re going to use that location page.
  • You must post content which is engaging to that particular location page audience.
  • Reply to their comments, messages can be a good sign of best customer service.
  • Post your content regularly.
  • Most buyers visit your store because of engaging content, offers and quality.
  • While posting any content, make sure your post content has some quality feature in it.
  • For example: Lays have a quality approach of the word “baked”. Here baked represents very less oil and very healthy. Which is a sign of quality…

6) Build local Facebook Audience via Facebook Ads

Promotion is a crucial part for any business. Promoting a local audience for your location stores has a slight advantage. You can exactly target a particular audience of interest. You can organize any events in your local stores and can target them to your local audience.

To do promotions, click on the promotion button at the top of your location page…

After clicking that, you need to click on “Create New Promotions.”


Later, you will get types of promotion.


  • Get a Custom Advertising Plan


For this option, you need to answer a few questions and Facebook will automatically offer you a better Ad campaign.

I recommend you this for testing purpose only. If you find the Facebook offered Ad campaign satisfying, then you can proceed with this option or else I suggest you to create the Facebook location Pages campaign on your own.

  • Promote your Facebook location pages locally.


Targeting your Facebook location pages for the local audience will be the best way. Even here you can aim for the wide range of kilometres, and you can also get an estimated number of reach.

These are the two main option which is very useful in promoting your Facebook Location Pages. For other options, you can check it out on the promotion page.

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That’s it for now! Comment down below if you have any query regarding Facebook Location pages.



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