Facebook tests for new secret messaging feature

Facebook tests for new secret messaging feature

One of our favourite messaging App is messenger which we use to connect with our Facebook friends. But sometime , we may worry that someone can see our personal messages , logging into another device. So , to overcome this , Facebook has come up with new technique to support conversations about sensitive topics.

Facebook has rolled out end-to-end encryptions for messages app , which makes it users conversations completely private. Along with end-to-end encryption feature , it has been with secret conversations, which allows users to send messages in a way that , not even officials can intercept it.

Messenger app

But this feature is just to put test for some users only. If you are lucky enough you may experience the end-to-end encryption and secret messages through messenger app.

Rest of the users can experience secret messages feature sooner , the company mentioned in a Facebook newsroom. Conversations on messages will not be encrypted by itself , but you need to require you to choose as end-to-end encrypted and secret conversations is an opt-in feature.

What can secret conversation offer and how does it work.

If you are sharing some private and important information with your trusted friends , you can opt-in for secret messages feature , so that the conversations which had done with your friends will be deleted after certain time , say 30 minutes. Those messages can be viewed only in a single device of each user participant.

Drawbacks in secret conversations.

Rather than in secret messages you can send photos , videos , ¬†GIF or make payments in normal conversations but in secret conversation you can’t share videos , nor make payments but you can still send photos as well.

In secret conversation , chat can be viewed only once in one device , and you can’t view in mobile messaging app if you had viewed already in web browser and vice versa.Actually, it is a signal protocol developed by non-profit open whisper system , which has already used in WhatsApp and Google.

Facebook chief security officer tweeted that , encryption opt in feature on messages was small test for now with an aim to get feedback from people about what works best.