Facebook New Video Updates for Creators and Publishers – Creator Studio


Facebook had come up with the new Video settings and the capabilities for the creators and the publishers.

The announcements and the updates are taken place at the  International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam.

It has to be the major awaiting update for the professional video creators and the publishers. This can be the major improvement in terms of Video settings and the tracking of Ad views.

These updates can understand the demographics of the user and they can try the new abilities to improve their Video’s reach.

There’s also a new schedule option in which users can schedule their videos up to six months beforehand.

Facebook is trying to compete with YouTube’s functionalities and features to offer better optimization and advancements for users and advertisers

The efforts for pulling up these updates for the constant growth in the video industry. The internet user base in India at present is more than 600 Million which is more than 40%. This can trigger the future of the internet.

List of Major Updates.

  • Live Video
  • Facebook Watch Party
  • Creator Studio
  • Instagram IGTV Update

Live Video

This feature is very useful for the creators who Live Stream regularly. However, this feature is only available via Facebook pages and won’t work with the profiles.

According to Facebook,¬† this feature is highly requested and introduced based on the user’s feedback.

The updates are mainly to fulfill the professional broadcasters who need to do rehearsals and test out before starting out the real Live stream.

In this, broadcasters can just a startup Live video to the admins and selected people. So, before going in front of audience they can test out everything prior.

This feature can be accessed through the Live API to broadcast live only to page admins or the editors.

You can broadcast live on Facebook for hundreds of hours without any limit. The most useful feature is here, you can trim out the Live video and stream it for continuous 8 hours.

There is also an added feature to stream more than one streaming service at a time., Through the Live API, you can integrate third-party apps which allows you to stream to more than one streaming service.

In this update, you can show live only to Admins or the editors for testing purpose.

Instagram Update

There’s no major update in terms of IGTV, but in the latest update creators can schedule their IGTV videos as far as ahead for Six months.

Scheduling videos can also help creators manage their vacations and other works without disturbing the consistency of the videos.

However, Facebook claimed that they will bring some new features like drafting and editing in the coming months.

In this update, you can schedule your Instagram videos ahead of 6 months.

Watch Party

List of features included in the Watch Party

  • Facebook Page admins now can schedule a party in advance to create the excitement and users can see the whole video after it gets live.
  • Even Business partners can be tagged in the watch party feature to promote or spread awareness.

Creator Studio

It is one of the main parameters for creators to check out their video performance in terms of views and the watch time of the audience.

In creator studio, users can manage the monetization and can also keep an eye on Facebook and IGTV videos.

Following things can be done with the help of new Content Studio

  • Loyalty Insights in which you can analyze the videos which are out-performing.
  • The new metric will score your videos based on the metrics like Watch Time, User retention, Average Watch time, Reaction ratio. With the help of the score, you can decide the performing videos and upload a similar type of video to attract more audiences as well as revenue.