What is Facebook Watch? How to earn money from it?


The great news is up of the year. Facebook goes on with the new feature named Facebook Watch. Just like Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, and other video streaming channels, Facebook had also entered the video streaming game.

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What is Facebook Watch and how it will pitch your marketing strategies?

Facebook Watch is the new platform for shows on Facebook. Shows are made up of episodes that might be live or recorded following with a theme or storyline.

With this it also has a watchlist option. So you will never miss out any latest episodes of the show which are being followed.

Watch is a platform for all creators and publishers to build community, find the relevant audience. It also pitches the target and earn money for their work.

Facebook Watch is been monetized through ad breaks. So the producing partners will earn 55% of the ad break revenue and Facebook will keep 45%.

Facebook watch was basically launched one year ago in July 2017. Taking into consideration five countries(USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland) to test.

In August 2018 Facebook planned to expand it globally in total 22 countries. Moreover, it will be applicable from September 2018 through which creators and producers can earn money.

What’s something special in Facebook Watch.

The videos streaming on Facebook watch will not be seen anywhere else. (Exceptional live video or content is done through deals like is League Baseball). Hence original video content will be there on Facebook watch.

facebook watch

It is totally free of cost to the audience; they just simply have to log in their Facebook account as the watch and it is monetized through Ad breaks.

The Facebook watch is hyper-personalized than any other video streaming platform has been before.

Everything is personalized for you

Facebook watch take advantages of everything users love about the Facebook. Even including all personal and social activities.

People love to get a recommendation for the things they love and also like to share those things with friends and loved ones.

Facebook watch has the facility to provide personalized recommendation in its discovery tab.

Also it connects Facebook users with the fellow fans through show-linked groups as they subscribe/follow a show.

With this the user can access a live comment section where they can chat with the friends and other reviewers in real time while watching a show.

Special Shows on Facebook Watch

To inspire creators and audience, Facebook has fund some shows like community oriented and episode video series.

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For example, Returning the Favor a series by Mike Rowe and many more interesting shows from reality to comedy to live sports.

Facebook is excited to see how their creators and publishers use there shows to connect with their friends and community.

Does Facebook Watch can create advantage to Marketers ?

Currently, Facebook has 2.27 billion users and about 1.49 billion people log onto Facebook on the daily bases.

Hence it can be said that Facebook Watch is a major initiative for the marketers that should not be ignored.

Facebook Watch has monetized Ads with the streaming video which will be the game changer for the marketers.

Ad Break Ads will become more important for Facebook advertisers. Longer the videos effective are the Ad breaks.

Facebook watch gives  influencers and social creators a powerful new channel. Users who watch or subscribe to a show will see that on their news feed along with the other daily updates from friends.

Facebook live is also one of the essential factors that can help marketers to pitch audience same as Instagram.

Facebook live video can work for branding and connecting with fans and followers in real time. The same will be done on Facebook watch for live events and shows.

Criteria for earning money via Facebook Watch

  • The creators should have their own Facebook page nor their Facebook profile.
  • Facebook Watch will monetize Facebook page videos nor Facebook profile videos. So the creators and producers need to create their Facebook page and upload videos on that.
  • The streaming videos length should be more than 3 minutes or else it won’t be counted in the Facebook watch monetize.
  • Your Facebook page should have 10,000 followers and likes, as in YouTube there is a subscription same on Facebook page you should have 10,000 followers.
  • There should be 30,000 views including all the videos on your Facebook page.  Facebook watch will count the views that are longer than a minute.
  • Facebook watch is currently launched in only 22 countries and in next few months they will be expanding it in other countries and languages.

Their goal is to provide the best tools to creators and producers to build their business on Facebook.

Encouraging an active, engaged community and sharing long content that viewers seek out and come back to on daily bases are the key to find success for the marketers.

Facebook watch is the greatest game changing for the marketers and a competition for the other video streaming channels.

As currently facebook ranks as the first social network having more than 2.27 billion active users.

Credits: Ishitha Gandhi