Flipkart and Reliance Jio tops in National Consumer Helpline complaints


National Consumer Helpline is the perfect place for consumers to register their complaints who get bad service and un-resolving issues from e-commerce giants.

Though many e-commerce giants solve their customer’s problems and for few it gets worse and they register the complaint in Consumer helpline.

This was set by Govt. of India and Consumer Affairs Ministry in 2017.

More than 5 Lakh complaints registered

As per the official reports,  5.65 lakh complaints were received this year and this is the highest number of complaints were against e-commerce giants. Besides that, even complaints were registered against banks and telecom sectors.

Among those complaints, the Consumer Ministry declared that Flipkart had reserved the top spot for #1 in receiving complaints.

When it comes to the telecom sector, Reliance Jio received a #2 position to get more complaints behind Flipkart and #1 in the telecom sector.

In the 3rd number, we also have the largest e-commerce giant Amazon.

E-commerce complaints tops

According to the Latest report from ET, Out of 6 Lakh complaints, one lakh complaints were registered against e-commerce companies which means out of every five complaints one is against e-commerce.

Major complaints that register with e-commerce companies are: Users are getting stones and bricks instead of products they have ordered.

Also, complaints were related to duplicate products, Exchange and delivery.

Reply from Flipkart, Jio and Amazon

It is a major concern for companies to take care of these to keep their trust and value.

In response, Flipkart said they receive more than 30 Crore orders and they are working with agencies to solve all disputes and issues related to their services.

In their official statement, Flipkart stated: “We endeavor to guide our new customers on how to navigate the Flipkart app, policies and terms and conditions. We also undertake several consumer education programs that focus on driving awareness of safe e-commerce transactions.”

Even Amazon has also responded that they will solve the complaints they have received from National Consumer Helpline.

Still, there is no response from Jio and may respond in a few days.

Telecomm industry is also in the list

We cannot limit it to e-commerce, banking and telecom sectors also received a high volume of complaints regarding overbilling, data deduction, Network issue.

Ministry data reveals, 41,600 complaints were against banks and 29,400 complaints were against Telecom services.

Measures to overcome this

Based on the higher number of complaints, the ministry of consumer affairs set up a consumer redressal app last month.

In this application, the consumer can register complaints based on different segments to address the problem in a smooth way.

Consumer affairs also assured that complaints will be forward to the companies within 60 days.