Flipkart Buy Now and Pay Later with NO interest – All you need to know


There’s a lot more stuff to be given at discounted prices of Flipkart on its special days.

The Big Billion Days Sale will start on September 29 and it will continue till October- 4 and on the same dates, Amazon is also taking advantage of offering huge discounts.

With more number of products on Amazon, the sales will be at a crazy level for Amazon.

On the other hand, Flipkart had come up with a unique solution for the buyer to have complete fun without worrying about the money.

Flipkart Pay Later option

With sale season, E-commerce giants are willing to sell you the most stuff within a short time. At that same time, they want you to shop limitlessly without worrying about the bank balance.

It works like a traditional credit card but it has some limitation like Credit limit and the salary account. But with the Flipkart pay later option you can shop your favorite items hassle-free and can pay the rest of the amount later.

Along with these benefits, Flipkart is offering No Cost EMI on debit-cards, Cardless Credit and Buyback Guarantee which makes the shoppers very easier to buy products without worrying.

Eligibility for the Pay Later

  • PAN Card is required to make a track of your previous history.
  • Once it’s done,m you will get the eligibility based on your credit history.
  • Complete the KYC process.
  • After all the steps are done, you can shop using the feature.

Points to be remembered while using Facebook Pay Later feature

  • While you opt for the pay later option, you must repay the amount by the 15th of next month.
  • You can also pay the whole amount at ones after a month without any interest.
  • You can also avail 3-Month No Cost EMI as well.
  • 12-Month easy EMI is also available.

Pay the amount to the Flipkart

  • Go into My Account and there you will find the ” Flipkart Pay Later Statement ” will be shown where you can find the due date.
  •  Click on Pay Bill.
  • Choose the mode of payment.
  •  And that’s it! You’re done.

Products on No Cost EMI

One of the greatest and easiest options is available right now is the No cost EMI for a wide range of users.

E-commerce giants have seen the growth of 100% to 200% on products offering No Cost EMI.

There will be quite more advantage in terms of sales for Flipkart for offering pay later option to the selected users.

Even with these options, people can have a little more chance to buy the premium products within less cost with paying on a monthly basis without any hassle.

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