Get Amazon Fire Stick with Tata Sky Binge Service and Game Of Thrones


After Trai’s decision, it’s been very confusing and disturbing for users which plan will be beneficial for users and how. Here the main topic I am going to cover is… How to watch Game of Thrones and Hostar subscription at a cheaper price and also you can get an Amazon Fire TV for free.

People love to watch Game of Thrones season and they just try different ways to get the content. once such means they do is to download the content from Torrent.

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Why you should not download Game of Thrones content from Torrent?

We strongly believe that torrent is not 100% safe and it may contain Malware even. Even though we proceed for downloading it due to free content.

Game of thrones

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. So in the case of Game of Thrones if you download Game of Thrones you’re more likely to get affected with Malware.

According to the reports of Kaspersky, one of the biggest Anti-Virus company reported that the pirated content is affected and they have inserted malicious code into those files.

If you download those files your data can also be hacked without your permission. So beware!

How to watch Game Of Thrones Legally?

  • For non tata sky users, you need to purchase Hotstar subscription at Rs.999
  • If you’re in USA, you can watch in HBO Now which will be priced at $15 a month.
  • Sky Now TV service will offer you a Game of Thrones at £8 per month.
  • Foxtel will be available if you’re staying in Australia and it will cost $25 per month.
  • If you’re staying in Canada, Canada’s Bell Media’s Crave service streams Game of Thrones at C$20 per month.

What is the advantage for Tata Sky user?

You can get a bulk discount and a slight advantage compared to Non Tata Sky user.

Under the specific plan you can get Hotstar Premium, Eros Now, Hungama and Sun NXT at Rs 249/month. Along with that, you can get Amazon Fire Stick for free.

Moreover, this option will be for some selected users only. To avail this service you need to take Tata Sky Binge service which will cost you Rs.249/month. Let’s combine all the services with an individual cost.

  • Hotstar costs Rs. 999 per year which is around Rs.83 Per month.
  • Eros Now costs Rs. 588 per year which is around Rs. 49 Per month.
  • Hungama costs Rs. 1399 per year which includes movies and music which is at Rs. 116
  • Sun NXT costs Rs.490 per year and you will get it at Rs.40 per month.

Free Amazon Fire TV stick free for Tata Binge users.

If you select this plan you will get Amazon Fire TV stick worth Rs.3999 without any down payment. But the catch is you need to keep the Tata Sky Binge service running or else you need to submit the Amazon fire stick.

How to avail Tata-Sky Binge service?

It is slightly different compared to the common aspect because you won’t find much information regarding this service and you cannot purchase it online also.

What you need to do is, you need to call the customer support of Tata-Sky and request for Binge service.

Moreover, it is not sure that you will be getting that service because to avail the service you need to wait for the call from Tata-Sky and only then you will be able to get the service.

Along with that, you need to have at least 4 MBPS internet connection to stream the services.