Create Chrome App for your website in easy steps

Create Chrome App for your website in easy steps

As you all know that chrome is a web browser of Google, the chrome browser is very popular which is used by majority of people. Chrome web browser is available in all operating system (OS) like (Android, Mac ,Windows) also compatible in all the smart phone too.


If you are the owner of website so here is some good news for all the website holders. You can publish your website app in Google chrome app. You might be thinking that it would contain all the java coding, html, or css and all. Then you are wrong it would not take more than half an hour to create the Chrome app. I published my chrome  app “stackrackal


Chrome App

Chrome app  is very used add-on icon in chrome. It work similar like an opening a “new tab page” and take you to the website linked with it.


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.01.03 PM


How to create chrome app

There are very few simple steps to start your chrome app

1) Download chrome

2) Extract it in your desktop or your suitable place.

3) The extracted folder will contain two item.

  • icon.png
  • manifest.json

4) Open the “manifest. json” in notepad or Word Pad it would open as shown in below image.




5) There are few command line that you need to change in the manifest file  as follows…

  1. Name of your website
  2. Short description for your website (maximum limit 132 characteristic)
  3. Replace the URL from http/
  4. Again change the URL with you website URL

” You need to be the owner of the website on which you are creating the app and extension and the website should be verified the ownership using google webmaster tool”

6) Save the changes you have made in manifest.

7) Change the icon.png file with your website logo and name it icon and the format must be in png format the size of the icon must be 128X128.

8) Finally create a zip file which contain edited manifest and icon and save it .

9) Now open chrome browser you must be sign in with your google account to add your app.

10) Then open chrome developer dashboard upload the zip file which you recently created

11) By further scrolling down there might be option of choosing the category for your app  add the description about your website you can add screen shot of your website for attractive purpose (optional)

” You need to pay google 5$ for one time registration fee by google wallet or visa card”

12) By this your chrome app is created and it will be published in public.

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