Google and Samsung Camera app can be hacked easily – Google Agreed


Its been a series of Vlunerabilites that we are able to get into live before we have read about Bluetooth can take control of the device, a video in WhatsApp can capture all our data.

This time it is an Android flaw in which Camera App can take access to your videos and photos.

Read more to know and protect yourself from this issue.

Security Issue

This is a security vulnerability in which the whole Android System allowed hackers to take control of the phone’s camera app that too without the user permission.

This type of flow is detected on the ” Google Camera App ” and Samsung’s Camera Application.

Google Confirms the malware.

The defect is detected by  Checkmarx Security Research Team and the Android Vulnerability was classified as CVE-2019-2234.

The researches found that Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 3 Camera app a different type of permission which can cause the issue.

The malware allowed the hacker to take a complete over the camera apps and able to take photos, videos and also identify the location.

Even it can record voice conversation, and all these activities are done in the background and you won’t even notice a bit.

Erez Yalon revealed, “A malicious app running on an Android smartphone that can read the SD card not only has access to past photos and videos but with this new attack methodology, can be directed to take new photos and videos at will.”

Google and Samsung Phones are mainly affected

As many smartphones do not use the Google Camera application for photos except Google Pixel phones and the malware had affected the Samsung camera app as well.

Erez Yalon, director of security research at Checkmarx said, “Our team found a way of manipulating specific actions and intents making it possible for any application, without specific permissions, to control the Google Camera app. This same technique also applied to Samsung’s Camera app.”

It is unfortunate that millions of people are affected due to their high popularity smartphones.

How to be safe

Take a complete backup and reset the smartphone and until the update, place your photos and videos in the local drive so no one can misuse it.

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