Google Banned Xiaomi’s App from Google Play store


Caregivers report shows most of the users are using Mi for their daily proper needs and affordable

Mi makes extra income from Advertisements

Xiaomi is known for offering smartphones at a lower price and that’s the reason the Mi UI is loaded with a lot of Bloatware.

The addition of Unnecessary application is a source of extra income for Mi to offer their smartphones at a low price.

You will also get customized Advertisements and Mi is constantly looking for user data and interest to show you personalized advertisements.

Quick Apps Application blocked

To collect data, you need to install an application that has permission from you collect the data. The same thing happened to Quick Apps application which is blocked by Google Play Protect due to its tracking abilities.

Some users claim that they have received the pop-up message saying ” This app can collect data that could be used to track you”.

This message appeared when users are trying to update the Quick Apps Application that rolled out on November 14.

Why it is marked as a tracker

However, the exact reason is not known, why it is called as a tracker, but as Pinuika Web released a report last year and describes the application has excess to more than 55 permissions.

With the 55 permission, the application can track almost all the data.

Along with that, the app has access to phone permission, IMEI numbers, SIM numbers, tower detail numbers, user credentials, and can record audio and video.

The application saves the information in temporary storage and uploads it online later.

Reason for taking permission

The answer lies in the costing of the smartphone, Mi is able to offer you smartphones at a lower price as it can generate a side income by pushing targeted advertisements which results in more clicks and sales and eventually it benefits Mi.

The targeted advertisements pop-ups on the homepage, lock screen,  news widget, and in other places like browsers as well.

Google Automated Malware System

Google had partnered with the security companies — ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium to create the App Defense Alliance.

By this, Google can reach out to Applications that are harmful and used for tracking.

The Quick-Apps Application had added more updates and tracking in its new update which alarmed Google’s Malware system and the update remained blocked.

Mi needs to cut off the permissions which are not at all required to pass through the malware system without any warning.

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