Google New Parental Control Application – Track all your child data


Generation to Generation, there’s a lot more advancement into the technology and it goes to the growing kids as well.

Kids nowadays are very much advanced and knowledgable to access the computer and other stuff. However it also a positive moment for development, also for expanding knowledge. At the same time, it can show adverse effects if there is no proper control over your child.

Everything has some sort of solution. Technical giants like Apple, Google, and Amazon come up with a solution in which parents will have complete control over their child activities.

Google Application for Controlling their kids.

It’s evident that Apps can add extra functionalities to our smartphones and can be used in many ways. As same, Google has an app called “Google Family Link for parents.”

Basically it helps parents set them desired rules on usage of the Internet-connected smartphones.

Google Family application can work on any Android device including tablets and Chromebooks.

Type of Controls integrated into Google Parental Control App

Only give access to Useful content

Before setting up any rules and control for your kids, you need to monitor the usage statics of your kid’s usage and based on that you’re supposed to implement the controls.

In the latest update of Android and iOS, users can now track the usage and time statistics of each application installed on the phone.

By this, you can easily track the usage of your kid’s usage. Based on this, you can set the parental lock for the apps.

  • You can completely block access to certain apps.
  • You can also set time limits for the apps.  After completion of the time limit, kids cannot access the particular application unless you extend the timer from your device.

Approve the downloads initiated by your kids.

You aren’t giving direct access to your kids to download any kind of application. Your kid can only download any application only after your approval.

Strict access to the Mobile phone for long hours

Keeping rules for certain apps is not enough, you’re supposed to restrict the screen on time as well. Without screen on time restriction, your kid can access the different applications without any specific time limit.

So, it is recommended to keep the Screen on time limit, so after a certain time the whole device gets locked and your kid cannot access anything except the emergency call option.

However, people claim that the screen on time limits can be bypassed by pressing Emergency calls and can access any apps just by ” Ok Google “.

Track locations

It is important to track the location of your child. Google can tell you the pinpoint of the location of your kid whether he/she is in a restaurant or a study class.

Even this can act as a safety feature as well.

It is recommended to use the above parental controls to keep your child in safe hands.

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