Google is allowing business post directly to search results


Google , the most powerful and preferred search engine which is used by 90% of population. The main reason which we prefer to use is because of its search results. The search results itself brings glamour to the users in which the information we need required will be more accurate.

Earlier this year, Google started an experiment on new type of search results, which will be beneficial for Celebrities, top brands , and organisations   as their publish posts about their views will be directly displayed ti Google search results. The search results look like the Google mobile cards which can be clicked , swap  or can tap to extend for information.

Now even the same feature is going to be introduced with small business and also to celebrities and bigger name brands. The posts displayed in search results tool is called ” an experimental new podium on Google.” The search was noticed by Mike Blumenthal who was searching for engagement ring stories in Buffalo in New York , came across a specially designed advertisement for local sellers Andrew Jewellers by clicking it had opened with dedicated full screen webpage with texts and photos.


The tool cant be called an Ad , as Google is not currently charging for business , it may in the future.

As the feature which is not called as Google posts , but we can communicate with text , images and videos directly on search engine. As it is limited to the 2016 US Presidential Campaign. The website even displays, please join the waitlist.

Google                                                                                                                                                                                          (Google)

The main Aim of Google is to develop new and outstanding search results which will help in social presence with simple piece of software. So it would be beneficial for Google to continue the powerful search and social features given to presidential candidates to brands and other high profiles people.Google says it does not plan on charging for this feature.


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