Google named Ablo is the best Application of 2019


We do often see ” Make new friends Applications “, but most of them don’t add value and even doesn’t have control over fake accounts.

There is an App where you can connect and have a decent conversation with users around the world.

The App was launched less than a year ago and it literally broke the records with over five million installs.

Moreover, the App is rated 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play store and it is available for iOS as well.

No problem with Language

While you connect with the people in other countries there is a language barrier and to overcome this, they have integrated automatic translation to communicate to everyone in the world.

Google Annual ranking of plat store best Apps

Generally, Google comes up with a ranking of…

  • Play Store
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Audiobooks

Ablo, Google Play store best App

Ablo is the App that won Google’s Play best app of 2019. It connects to people from different parts of the world, but it has strict guidelines against Flirting or related to these.

Google Stated “It surprised and delighted us with its ingenuity and polish. Beautifully designed and thoughtfully executed, it’s our Best App of 2019.”

How to use the Application

Connect with Gmail account

To start with the application, Ablo will ask you to login with your Gmail account.

Enter basic information

Later you can proceed with the basic information like Name, Gender, Age and birthdate and you can skip the profile picture.


After completing the setup, you will get a strict pop-of of Dos and don’ts and need to be followed those or else your account will get terminated. It says…

  • No Flirting without Consent
  • No pushing to send pictures or contact details.
  • No sexual behavior or abusive behavior.
  • “We won’t hesitate to leave you at the gate when you break the rules.

Tap to start on the Application

Next, you just need to tap on the screen to connect with the people. Ablo automatically connects you with a random person anywhere in the world.

With the distance traveled and with your conversation, you will receive miles and coins which can be used to get special benefits.

At the start, you have the only option to connect with Men and Women, so you need to have some good conversations with men as well.

With the coins you receive, you can use those to connect especially with Woman.

With more than 300 miles mean you can select the target country and Ablo also displays profiles of the users belonging to the particular country.

Very Clean UI without any Advertisements

As mentioned by Google, it has a clean UI with a proper navigational interface, it can be understood by any beginner.

When the app takes you to the country, it gives you a brief about it along with the destination local time and temperature.

Ablo stands out from others

The app is very unique from other applications, as it focuses mainly on genuine connecting rather than like for a dating application.

Moreover, it is completely free and you have will have great time using it.