Google new Auto transcribe will make your transcription easier


To increase the extra functionalities to the next generation pixel phone, Google had come up with innovate applications to improve the value of the smartphone.

Whatsoever applications get introduced by Google, it will get into the Pixel at first and goes to other smartphones.

Recently, Google tested out its Emergency safety app called ” Personal Safty Application ”¬†

in which it can send emergency notification to you desired contacts.

As similar, Google had come up with the Application where users can record and take a print of it.

According to the 9to5google , the app seems to be very lightweight design along with less functionality. Along with lesser functionality, it has a strong features which can be converted recording into any text format.

However, it is not limited to these other new features as well. You can find the APK version of the voice recorder app in which you can enjoy all the premium features for free.

It is said to be a premium feature as for other application similar to this needs extra bucks for transcript.

Google’s recorder will be a perfect free alternative for paid voice-transcribe applications. There is wide number of uses for the Transcribe. You can make your work easier and faster., It can save a lot of time in writing.

Application Walkthrough

When you kick off the app, you will get to see the three options…

  • Auto Transcription
  • Audio Search
  • Works Offline

Auto Transcription

In Auto Transcription, the saved audio files will get converted into a transcript without any extra effort.

Audio Search

This is one of the coolest features, you can easily find the audio files and text files in your App just by speech. You can also search expressions within the application. Like laughter.

According to the testing report from XDA developers found that one might be able to search for words like applause, Laughter, Anger, knock, whistling.

Works Offline

The main thing, it doesn’t require any internet to work. You can record transcribe without any internet connection.

It can come handy in the internet restricted place.

Adding time to the transcript

The Application can automatically add the time codes to the custom selections of the recordings, with this, the user can sort out the recording in a much easier way.

At present, the transcribe is available only with the English and in further Google can add more languages to the application.

After it’s a final testing process, the application will get live in the Google Appstore.