Beauty and dating is highest searched: India Search Report comes out.

google search trends

It’s been an awesome year for India and also it has become the fastest growing internet users all over the world.

The main reason behind is the budget-friendly flagship smartphones and the lower-cost of data packages.

Nearly 40 Million new internet users are adding every month which is the fastest growing till date.

The stats are whether they have been searching Online, Watching Videos or buying online or it can be anything on the internet.

However, this is a big achievement for India and it should reach more numbers in future. At present, there 400 Million users are using the Internet in India.

The report which has been released by Google mentioned all the searches and trend which had happened in 2018.

google search trends

1. The growth of search in Bharat (non-metros)

People living outside metros searches more related to…

  • Life Insurance
  • Vehicles
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Finance

2. The use of video as a search tool

Video information is growing day by day and many people are now keen to have searched on YouTube as well.

It is estimated that it will have 500 Million searches related to a video.

3. The popularity of Indian languages and voice searches

Due to the continuous increase in technology and features in smartphones. Now we can get information directly by doing voice searches.

So there is 270% growth in voice search which way too much.

4. The rise of omnichannel

It is like you may have also searched this one time to search nearby shop. Which refers to ” Near me”. if you want to search for any Medical Shop near your phone. You will search for ” medical store near me”.

With the help of GPS, Google will show relevant shops near your location. These types of searches increased by around 75%.

The report which has been launched by Google there was a wide range of categories in which the Growth has been noticed.

The Google search trends are categories which are mentioned below.

  • Auto
  • Banking and Finance
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • E-Commerce
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Local and Classifieds
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Telecom and Payments
  • Technology
  • Travel


People are increasingly relying on the search for their vehicle purchase decisions.40%
45% increase in the volume of commercial vehicle-related searches.

Consumers are now relying more on online research, immersive experiences, and online bookings than test drives and showroom walk-ins. There is an increase of 90%.

Banking and Finance

Consumers are now relying more on online research, immersive experiences, and online bookings than test drives and showroom walk-ins. There is an increase of 90%.

There is massive interest in life and health insurance, from users outside the Top 8 cities.

Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Hair Care increase searches of 50%
  • Skin Care increase searches of 50%
  • Makeup increase searches of 50%.


  • Clothing increase by 178%
  •  Beauty and personal care 174%
  • Sarees by 40%
  • 62% Plus Size clothing. 
  • Accessories by 60%


  • 75% Near me searches
  • 46% Store visits after clicking an Ad


  • 54% Increase in Machine Learning AI courses. 
  • 74% of Software development courses. 

Local and Classified

  • Pizza is the most searched Online while food ordering. 
  • 100% growth in Co-working spaces. 

Dating Searches

It’s an all-time trend and never-ending process.

  • 40% Growth in Dating searches.
  • 37% increase in Online dating brand queries. 

Media and Entertainment

  • Increase in Marketing by Branded searches by 60% thus reducing engagement cost. 
  • 60% growth in Video on demand searches.

Telecom and Payments

  • 65% growth in international payments. 
  • 51% increase in DTC queries. 



  • City and Short trips increase by 28%
  • Car Services and Taxies by 16%
  • Packages by 7%
  • Destination activities by 28%. 

Source : Google

In short, the online world and business are growing faster. Start something Online!