Simple Steps to follow while hiring people for our company


Let us assume you are running a business, maybe small or large, and suddenly you are in need to hire an employee or two. Then there are the rules and points you need to keep in mind. So, for this, you do need to keep some familiar things in mind regarding the employees before hiring them.

Most of the time, people hiring the individuals need to hire someone skilled as soon as possible. Or when they get a lot of workloads, they think of hiring more staff in their company.

So to help you retain the ideal employee for your work, this article will mirror each one of those common pitfalls one ought to maintain a strategic distance from while they enlist an employee and ought to take after these focuses to have a positive response from the client without having a headache.

Below listed are some of the common pitfalls one should avoid while hiring, according to my research and experiences:

1) Hiring people in a hurry

One of the most common mistakes employers do is engaging in a hurry. This major blunder looks minor and to which employers commonly don’t give much attention too can damage more than, they can think of. The drawbacks can be vital like recruiting the wrong person and eventually the business faces a loss if the person hired is on a long-term basis. So to avoid this pitfall one should do a great deal of homework like how much individuals need to be employed and on what basis they should be recruited etc. All this planning should be done well before hiring the individuals.

2) Keeping the pool of shortlisted people small

The key here is to keep the pool of shortlisted candidates large. If the pool of shortlist candidates is kept small, then there is a fair bit of chance that the employer would get confused in choosing the right candidate in the end. If the employer would keep the pool of shortlisted people large. So then it would be easier for the person to choose the best out of many shortlisted experts.

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3) Falling for the first impression

Yes, I admit. “The first impression is the last impression”. But if you’re hiring an employee, don’t just get carried away by the test he or she sends it to you. There is a possibility the written test is written with the most attention and care or the individual might have taken help from someone more experienced. So, try asking the individual to come on a Skype interview or meeting that is held from time to time. You can also ask for a test more than one time to evaluate much efficiently.

4) Interview without preparation

You would be thinking what preparation should an employer do before an interview, but here you’re wrong fellas! Employers too should prepare well before taking an interview. For instance, the employer should prepare a draft of questions to ask from the candidate. The employer should be ready to tackle any question coming from the other side.

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