Hotstart beats Netflix , Amazon Prime – More than 30 CR Indians

Ott platforms

The competition between the online streaming service got very intense. Chasing the competition Flipkart also launched its streaming service recently to compete with these giants. However, we need to wait and see to know Flipkart’s potential.

Now, the scenario is a whole new one and this is the competition between…

Naming these three in the comparison as they are a competitor in India.

Netflix the world-leading platform

The type and the frequency of the content on Netflix cannot be complete with all other streaming platforms. This is on the list as the comparison is just limited to India.

Coming to Hotstar, it is the alternative for all the users to watch all the TV programs even before the airing time on television.

Along with that, you will get all the famous TV serials on Hotstart which makes it to the top spot with 41% of the people selecting Hotstart as their primary streaming platform.

Percent share of all the three platforms selected by the users

  • Netflix: 9 percent
  • Amazon Prime: 36 percentĀ 
  • Hotstar: 41 percent

The above data is the selection of the streaming platforms by the audience and voting for the quality and difference of the content.

However, you will get a wide range of varieties in Netflix over Hotstar and Amazon Prime.

But due to the traditional shows played on Hotstar and it also streams the most popular circket series IPL which makes the app very engaging.

Hotstar has 300 Million subscribers

Even having the most attractive and fetching content on Hotstar, it is no surprise that it holds 300 million subscribers. If you don’t know, Hotstar is a part of Walt Disney Company.

Amazon Prime stands in second place with 13 million subscribers and Netflix stands third with 11 million.

However, when comes to the revenue Netflix has the highest among the three because of the content and the pricing.

Having a huge subscribers count, OTT platforms are giving huge competition to the DTH operators as well.

MoMagic Results

Arun Gupta, CEO and founder MoMagic stated some of the astonishing results of watching content.

They have selected around 7,500 respondents for a span of 3 months. In which they got the results of 55 percent of people are watching content on OTT and the remaining 45 percent on DTH.


  • 85% watched content at least once on the top OTT platforms.
  • 15% responded not consuming any content on the OTT platforms.



  • 70% of the persons consumed OTT content on mobile phones.
  • 26% of persons consumed on TV.



  • 31% of Indian consumers prefer to watch short films or web series.
  • Sports was selected for 30%, movies for 19% and TV shows for 18%.

  • 45% of the respondents preferred comedy.
  • Action at 23%
  • Drama at 19%
  • Horror at 13%


The above findings state that OTT platforms can even reach 600 million subscribers in the coming 3 to 5 years.