How to book 100% confirmed tatkal tickets within 30 sec

How to book 100% confirmed tatkal tickets within 30 sec

Booking train tickets in peak seasons can be a headache, as 80% of trains will be overbooked and we cannot get confirmed tickets easily.

The other options which we can get in our mind is tatkal, but many users can’t successfully book, as there are very limited seats available.

The reservation scheme under the tatkal scheme will open at 10 AM on the previous day of journey from train originating station.

Whereas that non-AC classes will start at 11 AM on the previous day of the journey from train originating station.

To book confirmed tickets, your Internet speed must be quite good enough to make fast transaction so that within 30 seconds you can book your ticket

Steps for booking your tatkal ticket.

  1. Download Chrome extension Tatkal For Sure.


2) Now, you need to click on the option” Create a new trip”


3) After that, You need to enter the IRCTC login ID and password as this helps to migrate directly to the payment page when you are ready to book a ticket.


4) In this step, you need to enter the trip details of your next day journey and at the time of IRCTC booking, your trip details will be automatically updated at the time of booking.

5) Here enter passenger details who are travelling.

6) We need to enter Payment details here, as entering payment details is considered to be safe as the credentials are stored in chrome itself as it is just an extension.



After completion, the ticket will be generated by the extension. Now, you need to click Book now on the generated ticket and it will direct you to IRCTC website.

In that, you just need to enter your Login ID and password and all the saved data in the extension will be loaded in the original IRCTC website and at last, you need to enter ATM pin for the transaction and nothing else. This will help you to save much time and will be helpful to book tatkal tickets within seconds and there is higher chance to get confirmed ticket.