How to control the distraction from social site ?


As we all are socially connected all the time through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and some popular social sites. This helps you to get your mind relax for some time. When we all are addicted to all the social site, which disturbs our daily schedule. Due to that disturbance in the schedule, we all get messed up in our own mind. We leave the work by just saying “I am unable to ”

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For all  “, I am unable to ” saying people who are addicted to social life. How to control the distraction from all the social sites, the simple step is this application called “self-control”. The application varies with different OS (operating system).

Apple users

If you are a Mac user or iPhone user then the application called Self-control. To download the application click on the link from your Apple device. As you, all can see that it is a zip file. Just extract the file download the application you self-control app will be install. The best part of the application is its FREE. Here you can set the timer for many hours as per your requirement you want to work distractions free by just setting the timer. It will block whatever you want in Any Apple devices.


Android users

If you are an android user then the application is App block. The download process is same as downloading other application. If you are finding any difficulty in downloading the file then you may just click on the link.This will download an APK file. Here also you can set the timer as per your work hours. It is like an alarm type which will set off the selected application. The basic version is a Free but the pro version is paid version.


Windows Desktop/Laptop users.

The application name is Self-control. This also blocks the websites you want and until the time you want. It is an extension which is available in chrome browser. You just need to insert the social site name and it will just block the social site till the time you want.


By using above all the application we can just block the site while we are studying, concentrating, working on a project, and many more important things you want. From personal experience, I can say that it has helped me a lot during my studies. As I am a very addicted to the social site, In beginning it was hard for me. I just remember one thing that  “EVERYTHING IS HARD BEFORE IT IS EASY