How to earn money online from home without investment


Today I have come up with the regular topic with some Add-on Spice. Moreover, here I will be presenting the idea which needs less investment. 

Although there are numerous ways of earning online. But, here I pick some legit and easy ways of earning online. 

Advantages of Earning Online

  • You can travel anywhere without any permission
  • Very less investment
  • It saves time and energy
  • There will be no fixed work, so you can spend time with family.
  • You can do your work anywhere without any limitations.
  • Less stress.
  • There will be no age limitation.
  • You can represent your skill in any suitable way. 

The best advantage of earning which I like is ” Free Life ” and “Stressless”. We all know, stress work can show an adverse effect on our health. If you have an option to work online and want to follow your passion. Then it will be your best choice. 

Note:  Follow Passion

It is a crucial part of your working, What say if you don’t have any interest in working online? It doesn’t make any sense to continue work which you don’t like. Moreover, after a certain amount of time, you will feel less interested and eventually you will end up failing the whole thing. 

If you’re thinking and have the interest to work online, then this article can be helpful to you. 

Anyways, let’s make a detail list of ways in which we can earn online.

Writing Content

What I meant to say is blogging

Also, Read Tips for making your blog successful.

If you’re new to this word, I will explain this more simple and comfortable. If you keep interest in writing on the topic which you like. Then this is for you… 

Blogging is simply writing content which you like or in which you have any knowledge. Here, I write about Tech, Business related articles. If you’re good at Cars, sports or any other topic, you can present your ideas through writing content online. 

You have many ways of writing online, before investing any money in anything. I recommend you to use Google Blogger which is for free, in which you can create your own website and you can publish your own content. 

how to earn money online from home without investment
Google Blogger

Moreover, those articles can be seen by anyone and anywhere in the world. But this only happens when you have passion towards writing and sharing your knowledge to the world. 

You can add Infolinks advertisements as they don’t require any criteria. From that, you can earn depending on the Ad clicks you get. 

So, when you take this to the next level, I mean in a professional way, you can a lot more. Even you can earn $5000 to $10,000 per month. 

Earn money by writing content for others

So here you need to write content based on client requirements. You will get paid depending on the numbers of words and quality of writing. You may ask, where can I do this Job?  You can search Freelancing in Google, you will get the number of websites in which you can create your account. 

After creating your account on some freelancing website, if some user finds your service useful, they will contact you with their requirements. Depending on your writing skills, you can keep on your price. 

Earn Money by teaching Yoga

If you think you’re professional at teaching yoga, then this could help you to earn quite a lot. 

Before that. You need to be a certified as a Yoga trainer or an instructor. Don’t worry! It’s simple. Just Click here to follow the instructions.

After getting certified you’re ready to teach Yoga online. You need a good platform for this which can also be a YouTube. But it takes time to get reach, if you’re passionate about posting your videos to YouTube then you can choose this way.

What if I say there is a separate platform for Yoga instructors? Sounds interesting? Isn’t it?

There is a platform called Here you can post your video content, and users will get benefit from your Yoga course which eventually gets back you the money. By this, you are offering people to live healthier. I feel this Job is very precious because it impacts many lives and helps them to stay fit and stressless life.

Earn Money by translating Language

This goes for people who are familiar with 2 to 3 languages especially English. 

Translation nowadays became a basic requirement for many video creators. 

For example, A YouTube creator creates a video in Russian, and he wants that content to get understood by all, he needs to add English subtitles to it. So if you’re familiar with both Russian and English, you can take up the Job.

You can post your Job on these websites ,  ,

An English translator can earn Approximately $417 a month and working hours is totally depended on you. 

Earn Money by selling on Amazon

We all know that Amazon is a marketplace where we can sell all kinds of products.

So, Amazon would be a best place for selling your products which you currently own. 

For example, you have stock of new T-Shirts which you and with those T-Shirts, you can display your products on Amazon by creating the Seller account. 

Amazon Seller Account

Earn Money using your Own car

Here I am not referring to Ola or Uber. Your car will be with you and can earn money while you drive. 

The concept around is the advertisement, that means you need to stick ads on to your car. So when you drive on city roads, people’s attention shifts to your advertisement

To get started you need to meet the minimum driving requirements of the month. After getting approved you need to stick the advertisement banner to your car. Approximately you can earn around $400 a month. 

To get started you need to go through Carvertise, Wrapify and in India you can go through

Earn money by participating in surveys

Surveys can be very crucial for some companies to better knowing the customer perspective. So surveys play an essential role for higher companies before launching any product. 

These surveys can be of any type… It can be like which design do you like the most and why? 

You have many websites which offer you these types of surveys and you can earn enough for your pocket money. 

Sites you need to Visit for Online surveys…

Affiliate Marketing

It is an intense and vast topic; here I will give you brief information regarding it and how to earn. 

At the start, I have mentioned writing content on the Google Blogger platform. So when you are ready with the content, you need to create an Amazon Affiliate account. 

If your content is related to the books, you need to paste the book links from Amazon, and when some user clicks that book and purchases, you will receive some commission. 

Earn money by Renting your extra Home on Airbnb

It’s not the type of renting which you think. In short, your home will act as a hotel room. 

So if you have an extra home with basic amenities in it like television, sofa, bed. It will be sufficient. 

So now you need to sign up for Airbnb as a host, after verifying documents your house will be listed on their website based on your house location. 

By this, you can easily earn $1000 a month depending on the location. If your house location is at a tourist place or business hub, then you can gain even more. 

So these are my top picks to earn money online without any investment.