Using FB ads gain 5000-6000 subscribers for your blog


Fb Ads plays an important role in promoting our site and helps to get visitors to our site. But it depends on how we use the strategy to get the numerous visitors to the site.

Using FB ads gain 5000-6000 subscribers for your blog

Usually, there are two types of bloggers, the one who knows the importance of building the email contact and one who doesn’t. My motto in this is to make aware of email building list Which will help you to get thousands of views. If you are one to know about, you will be grateful to stackrackal to introduce this technique to build an email list using Facebook ads.

In this, I will show you to increase traffic to your blog and will help to make 1000 email list using cheap FB ads.

Usually, without advertising or marketing, you would gain subscribers very slowly likely to say 30 to 40. But to reach a milestone of 100k subscribers, it takes a lot of time. Imagine the amount of traffic and income you can generate with one email boost.

Whenever you post an article, a single email would result in 1000’s of people visiting your website. It’s like an achieving moment to any blogger.

As I told earlier if FB ads will be more helpful if you advertise it in a right email building way, who doesn’t want email subscribers to grow quickly, the chances of getting 100 subscribers is very less unless you are popular enough.

Most of the time paid advertisement will leave you in a disappointing situation as they don’t come up with better results. But trust me, the paid advertisement can do wonders if you work perfectly on it. The main logic behind you need to try different strategies which work for you by investing a small amount.

How strategies help boost your campaign using Fb ads

A simple fun fact, earlier to check how the strategy works under two different pages which I created, one is technology and gadgets. I have selected post promotion on Facebook advertisement and promoted the post of that page eventually I have done the same with technology and gadgets, and my investment amount was Rs 250 each for 3 days of the campaign.

Now coming to results, the page Katrina Kaif gained nearly 450 page likes it’s really unbelievable and tech and gadgets with only 25 page likes. What I mean to say is you need to market in a strategic way to get more interaction.

As an example of my friend, he nearly invested (80,000 to 90,000) and he has already taken that amount through terms of ebook sale and affiliate promotions and also have a scope to gain (1,00,00 subscribers eventually).

See now coming to the point the point that if your going to build email building list with paid marketing, you may expect is to take your ROI(Return of investment) within 60 days but you can’t gain profit at the end of 60 days but in the meanwhile the subscribers which you get will be beneficial. Once you gain enough subscribers, it is easy to sell affiliate products or your products to them.

Steps to consider

Build a Landing page and lead magnet.



As the simple lead magnet is basically something that you’re using a person to get into your lead generation page to encourage buffers to give you their name, email, phone number, address of info your asking for.

When you need to gain or achieve an adequate amount of return you need to maintain your lead magnet strong. It should have a valid reason for people to give away their email ID.

You can’t even demand people to give away their email without any cause and by asking just to the subscriber to your newsletter without benefits leads to low conversions.

Develop trust from Customers

The thing you need to do to gain trust from them is to provide excellent value thing which leads to giving up their email address. After passing that level, you will he able to promote your product or affiliate product.

In this I will take an example of my friend as he built a free digital marketing course he could give away for free, and he had worked on it a lot as it contains more value than a free ebook. As slowly he started gaining subscribers to his appeal which listed out in the blog.

Usually to gain an adequate number of subscribers you need to clear data on the subscribe window. So, I recommend using OptinMonster for better conversions.

Even simple, significant change can increase your conversion Ratio so keep in mind to be perfect, systematic and unique to increase your conversion ratio.

If you’re using WordPress, you can install leadPages on your blog as it creates an extra page to your blog or you can also use tools like thrive content builder to build landing pages.

At the start, you May not get satisfactory conversions, after all, you need to offer visitors as they can’t refuse it in that process make sure that your conversion ratio is as high as possible.

By Facebook Advertisement 

One of the best and latest technique to increase your conversion ratio is through Facebook ads. You can drive traffic through free or paid channel when your landing page is ready. You can drive traffic to your landing page through Facebook ads. For an accurate purpose, you can track them separately.

You can be able to achieve a cost per lead of $0.33(20₹) for a highly targeted audience who live in the top 5 cities of preferred interest. As an example, under the option of conversion sector. Precedent shows that the campaign had generated 1008 subscribers.

fb ads

As same I recommend you to install Facebook pixel on all Pages of your website like Google analytics by this you can track your page insights which you can’t get from another source.

By initially Facebook pixel, you will able to track what percentage of your visitors from which age group.

Steps to reduce the conversion rate

  1. While targeting the audience, if you select the small set, the cost of the ads will rise gradually because of your showing ads to the same person again and again.
  2. As an example I showed you earlier, the given line indicates the cost per result as it gradually increases from $0.22 to $0.45 per conversion.
  3. At that moment you need to stop your ad campaign and start a new ad campaign, the cost per results will be meager and it increases the reason gradually behind is that people who see ad for the first time are more likely to click on it, but people who see ad again will not click on it much which in a sense your CTR will go down, and your cost will go up.
  4. From the above example, the cost of the conversion is $0.16. This time the ad copy has improved a lot, and you can see 97 people out of 7,882 people who have seen the ad have converted.

The main thing moves around how well is your ad copy and targeting.

  1. You can even save more money by showing ads to people who are most likely to convert; then you are saving money on the impression that would need he explained to people who may not convert.
  2. Main thing – the Right audience  – Right targeting- your campaign goes well.
  3. As in Google, we target people based on their search, but on Facebook, we target people based on their interests. In some cases, Google works better and on certain Facebook goes well.

Optimize your Fb ad campaign.

One of my favorite optimizations, I mentioned favorite because it displays in your news feed along with your friend post and all followed pages. The only differ it shows sponsored on top of the post.


The beneficial part is by optimizing this campaign I can gain likes from my Facebook page, and by sharing my sponsored post, even I can gain organic traffic.

For example-This ad campaign gave him 541 conversions till today at just $0.18 per conversion even, we can get an ROI by promoting affiliate programs.

Fb ads for conversions.

In this, the ad functions only for conversions, not for clicks and impressions.

If you optimize for conversions, Facebook will likely show the ad to the people who are more likely to convert. If you optimize for impressions, Facebook will likely show the ad to a maximum number of people irrespective of how many people are responding to it. Coming to click Facebook will promote those who are more likely to like a Facebook pixel is mandatory to install to your website for functioning.

As in the routine work, Facebook will also charge for the impressions generated (CPM). The secret behind is Facebook has a lot of information about each user, so the trick here is to run the ad for some time and let Facebook learn and optimize your ad campaign automatically so that it is shown only to the people who are more likely to convert.

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In this article, you may get a clear idea how to optimize, and May help you to get better results. For further question, you can comment down below.