How to schedule an email in gmail and send it anytime you wish


This feature somewhat looks unimportant in some cases, but in some situations, it will be a game changer.

I will explain this trick with an example:

So, what if your flight is at 12.00 AM and at the same time you want to wish your friend a Happy Birthday? At the exact time, it’s not possible for you to do it right?!

Then and then you will feel like if I would set the message and schedule that message to send it later. 

But many people eventually end up dropping this idea because many people are not aware of this feature or trick.

The feature which I will explain here will work only for Gmail users and moreover for Microsoft Outlook users will have this feature inbuilt.

How to schedule an email messages in Gmail?

To make this feature work in Gmail, there is a particular Gmail official Add-on called Email Studio.

By using this, we can easily schedule our messages and we can do a lot more with this Add-on.

Moreover, you might hear of browser extensions like  Boomerang or Sidekick which are unofficial and third-party extensions. But this Gmail Add-on works right into our Gmail and works on all desktop browsers. It also works inside the Gmail app for Android. 

Create a message for sending later

how to schedule an email in gmail
Keep your message ready
  1. First, you need to create your message and add the email to which you’re going to send and do not hit the send button right away. Instead, save it in your drafts. 
  2. So here you need to install Email Studio For Gmail.
Email Studio for Gmail

3. After installing, you will a receive a mail from Email studio which states that your Gmail account is connected to Email studio. 

4. Now you need to schedule the time for email which you have in your drafts. 

5. Now open the mail which you received from Email studio and there at the right middle corner you will notice an Email Studio button which you need to click. 

Email Studio Button

6. There you will find four options from that you need to select ” Email Scheduler “.

7. After that you need to select ” Add New Schedule “.

Here you can set.

8. Here you can see the various option for setting up your email scheduler. In draft option, you need to select the email which you have saved in drafts.

9. In the start date, you need to select the date and time on which your email needs to be sent. 

10. In repeat option, select the option None(run once) as you need to send that email only once. 

11. After setting this up, click on save schedule

12. To check your scheduled email, again you need to open an email which you got from Google and navigate to Email studio option and select Email Scheduler. There you can see your email and even you can edit or delete your scheduled email.

At last, your email will be sent according to the time set and Google Add-on will work in your background to make sure your email delivers on time. 

Note: To use Email scheduler, you must open an Email studio mail which you got from Google. Selecting other mail and accessing email studio option doesn’t work. 


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