No More Pre-Install Facebook Apps in New Huawei Phones


San Francisco (Reuters) – On 7th June 2019, Facebook Inc announced that Huawei phones will no longer be able to get pre-installed Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Apps.

As per the rules, Google has given time for the company to set up all the necessary actions. Meanwhile, Huawei owners can use all the required applications and Android Updates.

After a certain time, Huawei won’t be able to access Android and they need to come up with the new version and it is not yet announced.

huawei facebook

A new come back of Facebook

There’s been a very tough time for the company as of sudden the major platform Android won’t work on Huawei phones any more after a while.

All the major companies of Applications and software are from the USA. So at present Facebook is also a part of it and taking out its applications like WhatsApp, Instagram from downloading for Huawei phones which can really bang out the company.

It is a major breakthrough for the company to deal with it. These can directly affect company sales drastically. Because at the moment the company didn’t announce any Update of their own OS.

To clear out the stock, Huawei came up with the deal in which you get free Wireless Earphones, Car-charger, Smartwatch and a free strap as well.

Huawei Statment

Even though they are clear of these action from the USA and they are prepared for this scenario as well but the company need to look out from the customer point of view as well.

Customer’s trust play’s a crucial role in any company’s growth. Though Huawei will handle this situation and will come back with the new platform, customers are less likely to trust the brand.

Huawei said, ” We have made major contributions for the development and rapid growth of Android.” We have worked closely with their open-source to develop major improvements which made a better side for users and the company.

Huawei Position right now

It’s very clear that it will affect the company and also the sales though they come up with the new version of platform and apps.

The perfect solution is to end up the ban as soon as possible and this can make up the company to sustain in the consumer point of view. In my point of view, the ban may end up soon by adding up some advantages for the US government and technology.

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