Hyperloop passenger is officially coming to India- All you need to know

hyperloop india

The First Hyperloop capsule

It’s not the latest idea to bring up this high-speed transportation. It is an idea of Elon Musk working on it from 2013. After all the efforts and trails, the first hyperloop capsule got unveiled in 2018.

In 2018, Hyperloop Transporation Technologies Inc. revealed its capsule to introduce the future of travel for the audience.

Now its time for India to have this and after all the meetings conducted which in turn make a successful result to bring that to India.

Size of the First Capsule

Hyperloop Structure

When it got into place to show off it was 105 feet which are 32 meters long and is around 5 tons weight.

Government approval for Hyperloop Capsule

The hyperloop by Virgin Hyperloop One will be the first one to come up for the public infrastructure. The Virgin Hyperloop is a part of Virgin Atlantic as well.

The first distance covered would be Mumbai to Pune and the time taken to travel between those states will be just 35 minutes.

Final Approval from the company

It is just not the trails for the idea, the Government has given approval for the Hyperloop manufacturing to the DP World and Virgin Hyperloop One and the Government of Maharastra will attract different investors to get invested in this project.

Hyperloop Transporation working

It has something not normal for regular transportation. It travels at a speed of sound and so it requires different medium to grab the speed of sound.

Hyperloop capsule will be placed in a vacuum tube which reaches the speed up to 1200 KM per hour.

All it depends on the vacuum tube placing which can be placed above or below the ground.

However, electromagnets are used to gain the top speed which is achieved only in aeroplanes.

Cost of the Hyperloop Capsule transportation

We have to keep an account of speed and time to calculate the cost of transportation. However, there is no official information regarding the cost of travel.

We can use the expert’s opinion on this to calculate the cost of transportation. However, transportation will not be higher as flights. It might be at a reasonable cost to cope up with all kinds of passengers.

Does it take much time to build this masterpiece?

However, it depends on the distance between the two states. Let’s say we are supposed to build a Hyperloop capsule of a distance of 300 KMS.

It is to be built a separate platform for transportation. So finally it makes take some years to get this into action. Moreover, India is not late to get this technology.

Economic standards of the Hyperloop project

The first government took up the initiative to bring up the project is Maharastra Government. They have invested $500 million to complete the initial stage of the project.

Along with the investments it can create a huge Job impact which generated over $36 Billion in social benefits.