Increase AirPods sound quality 10x just by spending 10% of AirPods cost


Either you came here for information or else you have Apple AirPods with you. Have you ever questioned yourself that, What is the major difference between wired earphones and AirPods? You may say… It’s connected to Bluetooth and can hear wirelessly. Why not AirPods sounds better than wired earphones, although both of almost same quality of sound. So does it really make sense to spend Rs.11,000… To get this answer

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So here I am going to say how do you increase AirPods quality way more just by spending Rs.700….

Apple wired and AirPod offer incredible sound quality but sadly, most people don’t hear it. That’s because they’re made out of slick plastic that can’t isolate sound in your ear canal because it slips out. So what I do is…

When I am enjoying a perfect beat song, I would hold and adjust my wired earphones just to fit more deep into my ears so that the quality of sound increase along with more cinematic experience and if I remove hands again it would be normal. Even many of you had done this. I guess! 🙂

It looks odd and funny holding AirPods continuously to get perfect cinematic sound effects. Practically it’s not possible. But we have the solution for this… The EarBuddyz 2.0 Apple AirPods Covers fix the problem because they’re made of silicon, so they actually stay in your ears and maintain a perfect seal. The only problem is you have to take them off to charge your AirPods, but that’s a small price to pay for dramatically improved sound quality.

Let’s have look over some product features


EarBuddyz comfortably grips your ear and provide additional support by conforming to the groove of your inner ear.


Engineered with UltraSoft Elastomers, EarBuddyz provides a better listening experience without compromising on comfort.

EarBuddyz must be removed from AirPods before placing in Apple Charging Case

Note: Even these can be used for Apple EarPods even. So, those who need for AirPods they need to remove those while you keep charging those who are buying for EarPods, no need to remove them.

Few FAQ’S about EarBuddyz

1) What type of material do they use?

A) They use ultra-soft and flexible silicone, which doesn’t make you feel that something extra attached to your ears.

2) Where can we buy these? 

A)    In India it’s pretty expensive, it’s better to buy with as it ships to India even.

3) Does it work with Android?

A) It is specially designed for Apple, if your earphones are in the shape of Apple earphones you can purchase it. But I won’t recommend.


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