Indian Railways added 2500 services to ensure Safety , Availability etc


Due to the increasing rush of the trains, Indian Railways is coming up with the many special features to cope up with the festival rush.

India railways are going to add extra 2500 services onboard and off-board to deal with the rush until Christmas.

Extra trains to clear out the rush

the only solution to clear the rush is to add extra trains in the queue for passengers to book.

However, these special trains are a part of the extra 2500 services released by the national Transporter to make sure the smooth process for each and every passenger.

Thanks to Railway Minister to take this decision in crucial points to deal with heavy bookings.

To ensure as more seats as possible, Railways have also added extra berths to the existing coaches for further seat availability.

Special trains connecting cities

These need to be presented only after evaluating the higher booking routes from the whole country.

Based on that, these destinations have planned.

The railway’s sectors like…

  • Delhi-Patna
  • Delhi-Kolkata
  • Delhi-Mumbai
  • Mumbai-Lucknow
  • Chandigarh-Gorakhpur
  • Delhi-Chappra
  • Howrah-Katihar
  • Haridwar-Jabalpur

Special Security Services for the passengers

It is not only limited to the addition of extra trains, but Indian Railways have also taken care of the passengers during the heavy rush.

They have also kept additional RPF personnel in major stations to make sure everything is fine for the passengers.

RPF personnel will also look for the crowd controlling measures, especially for the General coaches.

Along with that, Engineering and signal Telecommunication staff are placed along with the security personnel at the crossing gates to ensure proper work.

Lightening arrangments

From the list of Government, there will be proper lighting management at stations and also at the crossing gates for all the road users.

Any problem on the train ? Help within minutes

Personnel has been arranged to solve any disruption in terms of service and you will get the priority help if you face any kind of problem on the train.

Some officers have been allocated for emergency purposes at the major stations to ensure the hassle journey with the train.

Accurate announcements

Some stations still face the problem of identifying the platform, arrival, and departures of the train.

There will be right and accurate announcement will be made before arrival and departure of the train and there won’t be any change in the platform in the last moment.

May I help you booths at Important stations

Even some passengers need help to know the information related to their train and for those may I help you both is deputed at major stations.

They will assist and guide the passenger to find their seats and train and also Emergency Teams are also there for any Medical emergencies.

Overall, all the measures have taken by the India Railways to ensure the proper safety, Help, Seat availability.

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