Indian Railways will officially ban Plastic Bottles even in Trains

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Now its been a serious issue regarding plastic waste. Especially the use of plastic bottles becoming higher and higher in railway stations and they are left untreated. Also, there is no official recycling concept.

Government New step towards the environment

The circular issued on the date of August 19th to contribute for the taken steps.

Government has taken the strict steps to get rid of plastics at railway stations. So, from October 2nd onwards there will be a ban of plastics in Railway stations and in trains as well.

Along with that, Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Development Corporation (IRCTC) is said to be carried out the plastic bottle crusher in 360 major Railway station. These can crush the water bottles into a numerous number of pieces which can be used later.

Managers of Zonal Railways advised their staff and other members to avoid the use of plastic. Even other small scale employees are also advised to reuse the purchased water bottles and also reusable bags to carry the stuff.

Is this the first time to take this step?

However, it is not the first time to implement the step towards the plastic ban. Even on this occasion of Independence Day, our Prime Minister addressed the plastic issue and asked for a plastic ban in his speech. This comes under the Swatch Bharat initiative which was first taken into step in 2015.

Mumbai beaches are majorly affected by the excessive use of plastic. To rectify this problem, Maharastra had taken a single plastic ban step and also left heavy fines for those who use banned plastic.

Moreover, it is not only the responsibility of the Government to implement and follow it. It is equally important for us to take care and not to use plastic bags at least. It is not the simple issue to leave it behind, in coming years it can cause serious damage to our environment.

Secundrabad Railway station with Bottle crusher

The South Central Railway’s Secunderabad took an initiative to install the bottle crusher. According to the report, 600 plastic bottles are crushed alone from passengers itself. This can change the way we use to think about plastic waste and can turn into a major advantage to reduce plastic waste.

After crushing, the tiny fine pieces are collected in a bottom tray which can be reused in some other way to save our environment. The crushing process can take up to 5 seconds.

Quick Bite

  • The circular issued on August 19th for the plastic ban in Railway stations.
  • Secunderabad Railway station has installed the bottle crushers within 5 seconds.
  • The idea and the rule will be applicable on October 2nd also an occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.