India’s First Private Train – Tejas Express will start from October – Train Pics


This is something very uncommon in the phase of Indian railways and there is a major breakthrough as well.

Indian Railways had come up with the plans of introducing privately-owned train which is known as Lucknow-Delhi Tejas Express.

By the tag of the word Private, the prices of this particular train can have more or equal to Rajdhani Express.

As equal to the prices, the comfort level, and the amenities will be at a top-notch. More than a private train, you must have a Journey to see the world-class features and the look of the train.

Launch of the Delhi Lucknow Tejas Express

Lucknow-Delhi Tejas is the first-ever train run by an IRCTC subsidiary and the operations of this train will begin from October 4, said by the Chairman of the Railway Board.

For the cost calculation, the train fare will cost 50% less compared to the flight cost within the same route.

The approval of this train is given by Piyush Goyal for IRCTC for operating Tejas Express.

However, this plan got into place due to the efforts from Railway Ministry looking for new giants to enter into the business. As of now, IRCTC is ready to manage two trains operating within the short-distance routes. Hence the result, Lucknow-Delhi Tejas express.

Schedule of the Train

Tejas Express will have numbers as 12585 and 12586 with the Journey commencing on the same day return.

Train with 12585 will leave from Lucknow at 6:50 AM to reach Delhi at 1:35. On the other hand, train 12586 will depart from Delhi and reach the Lucknow at 10:05 PM. The total journey time will be 6 hours and 15 minutes.

The train will run six days a week leaving Tuesday for Maintenance and other purposes.

The seating arrangement of the Train

The complete train will be a class of Chair Car and there won’t be any sleeper class. The arrangements of the chair car will have one Executive class with 56 seats and nine normal chair cars with 78 seats each.

Cost of the Tejas Express

Clearly, the train will have a lot of class amenities and it is expected to have a higher price end.

However, it is estimated to cross the price range of Shatabdi Express and it will definitely be cheaper than the flight.

Reason for the high-fare of Tejas Express

  • Complete train is Air-conditioned.
  • Modern toilets with Shower in it.
  • Air Hostess like Train Attendants for helping you out.
  • Separate reading lights.
  • Automatic Sliding doors for proper safety of the passengers.

Tejas Express Train Images

tejas express

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