Internet Exploral Bug can steal all the information from you


As the technology increase at the same time the security breach, a hacking goes on to its extent.

In the past, we have seen many happening. Even sometimes the fraud transaction would be carried out without our permission.

The website can be hacked and if there is a bug in the website or any software it will become the victim of the hacker. He can edit and do whatever he wants to do.

So when the software is designed it must be coded with utmost care or else it can show a major negative effect.

Internet explorer

What is the Internet Explorer Bug and how can it impact?

I don’t why at present all the browsers are been into their top order an performing well. But Internet Explorer for many years been always the last choice by all the users.

Being a part of Microsoft product the browser is not up to the mark and also many users won’t even use that as their main browser.

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On the other hand, this bug will make the browser more invaluable and worse product from Microsoft.

The bug of Internet Explorer can make hackers steal information and data from our personal computers.

Who identified this and in which way hackers can achieve their target?

This actions and the flaws are discovered by security researcher John Page and he had published the details and Proof-of-concept.

It will allow Hackers to access users data. The vulnerability of Internet Explorer is XXE which means it has a problem in the process of processing .MHT files. However, these file formats are not supported by other formats.

If a user tries to open those files it will get opened in Internet Explorer. The cache is that if the user opens that .MHT files the user will become victim and hacker can start his stealing process.

By this hackers can access local files to conduct remote reconnaissance. On the other hand, it can affect the latest version of Windows as well.

Does Microsoft have taken any action on this?

Obviously, the researcher had contacted Microsoft regarding this issue. Microsoft didn’t take this issue very seriously thinking the image of the browser. They have replied that they will fix this issue in the upcoming update of the Internet Explorer which doesn’t look cool.

These bugs need to be taken very much care because it is finally affecting users. Companies should always take care of their user’s security as their priority.

The weapon which we have is the website and Social Media. So he has posted the total bug in his blog and also made a short video.

How to be safe from these bugs?

  • Do not open any unwanted files.
  • Don’t download files that look like Malicious
  • Keep Anti-virus installed.
  • If you have MHT files, do scan them properly.