iOS 13: Top 5 features all you need to know


This is an extended version of WWDC 2019 Keynote, we got to see some pretty new and exciting stuff along with the new iOS upgrade. The main practicality lies on the different and unique features of this new version. Keeping in mind we here will share some top features of iOS 13.

At present iOS 13 Beta has released and many developers have installed and obviously, it contains a lot of bugs and it is not recommended to install it on your device if you’re not a developer.

iOS 13

#1 Dark Mode

Most awaited and anticipated feature is Dark Mode and it is finally in iOS 13. When you enable it, all your apps, background, Notification Center turns black. Along with that, you will get some new wallpapers for dark mode and light mode themes.

#2 Photos App

iOS concentrate more on the photos app as we got constant upgrades regarding this application.

In this, the UI is organized a bit different. Some extra Add-ons in photo application.

  • Four new options at the bottom of the Application. By which you can sort photos by Years, months, days and All photos.
  • New editing controls for photos and videos making it handy to post directly on social media.

#3 The New Keyboard

It’s been a while that the same keyboard is in use and now it’s time to change the ringtone and some regular themes. But in this update, we got to see only the change in Keyboard only.

However, the design will be similar and you will get Add-on functionality of the swipe keyboard.

# 4 Shared Audio

It is termed as Wireless Audio, and works on Wireless Audio and dedicated to AirPods. So if you have a friend with AirPods and when you both get connected, later both can share the same audio from one source. This can be a major upgrade in meetings and conferences.

#5 Speed

Yes, it is mainly due to the competitors and the advancements of other smartphones in the market. Let’s say, OnePlus 7 Pro seamlessly fast and iPhone at a premium position need to get a better optimization for speed. With this optimization, you will get…

  • 30% Faster Face ID Unlock. 
  • 50% of Smaller App downloads. 
  • 60% of Smaller app updates.

This will enhance the speed of all basic necessity apps and upgrades which can update all you queue apps in seconds.

  • 2X  Faster app launch  

This can be a bit noticeable and useful as you can launch any application twice as fast as the previous version.