iPhone users will get Rs. 60,000 from Google for Free.


Privacy, data breach are the major threats for all users. This certainly leads to hacking and disruption in the internet industry.

At this moment, Google is in the hands of this target.

Google Tracking

With the hands-on Google has the ability to track the information of Mobile phones and also the location.

Taking advantage of this, Google illegally tracked and gathered the personal information of Apple iPhone users in between the time frame of August 2011 and February 2012.

Mountain View firm claimed that it has overcomes the privacy setting of the iPhone allowing access to the user’s data without necessary permissions.

Mainly it is done to give access to the focused advertisers based on their usage, religion beliefs, browsing history, etc.

Based on the necessary information, litigation is brought by the campaign group ” Google You Owe Us by director Richard Lloyd ” demanding up to £3.2 billion for 4.4 million iPhone users.

In 2018, Lloyd filed aginst Google but they were refused due to some reasons.

Even in 2012, Google had to pay $22.5m (£18.3m) in the account of tracking and showing targeted advertising to Stanford University students.

European Union is very strict in terms of privacy and security of the users. They may charge in large amounts in terms of the privacy breach.

A Google Spokesperson told ” Protecting the privacy and security of our users has always been our number one priority. This case relates to events that took place nearly a decade ago and that we addressed at the time.”

The whole penalty

Due to exploiting the privacy concerns, the court has given the green sign to claim against Google as the act is undebatably wrong.

As per the sources, around 4.4 million iPhones were affected and the compensation should be given to each user is £750.

More than 5.4 Million individuals were affected between the years 2011 and 2012.

These claims can only be given to the people who lived in England and Wales between 2011 and 2012.

You can qualify if your answer is yes to the below questions.

Did you have an Apple ID?

3 – Did you own or were you in lawful possession of an iPhone?

4 – Did you use the Safari browser to access the internet?

5 – Did you keep the default security settings in the Safari browser?

6 – Did you not opt-out of tracking and collation via Google’s “Ads preference Manager”?

7 – Were you resident in England and Wales on 31 May 2017?