ICRCTC will charge you extra in the form of Service Charge


The only way to book your Railway tickets is via IRCTC, even if you book tickets on other platforms as well.

If you book tickets using Paytm a part of service charge is levied but there is no charge is levied if you book using IRCTC.

IRCTC will charge extra for tickets.

Now, your booking may rise up a bit due to the extra charge scheme will be introduced from September. Even this can be termed as the convenience fee.

IRCTC will now charge you extra Rs.15 for Non- AC, and Rs. 30 for AC coaches. However, GST will be applicable separately on each ticker.

Reduce the service charge

If you really want to avoid the charges, you can proceed payment through UPI or BHIM application.

If you use them, Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 will be charged for Non-AC coaches and AC coaches respectively.

Along with that, you can avail different offers as well.

Earlier charges of India Railways

This is not the first time that Railways are charging. Earlier, they used to levy Rs. 20 for NON- AC coaches and Rs. 40 for AC coaches.

The service charge are lifted out after the demonetization to increase the digital-payments.

Reason for taking service charge

The count of the tickets might be in crores, but when coming to the IRCTC profits it is just stagged to hundreds. In the latest financial year, the profit of IRCTC is just around 150 to 250 crores.

This range of profits can have a negative impact on railways and lead to poor maintenance due to fewer profits.

Last month, Indian Railways declared that it will provide some sort of extra discount for the passengers. This step has taken to fill up the empty seats and not to lose the revenue out of them as well.

It is applicable only AC class trains like…

  • Shatabdi Express
  • Gatiman Express
  • Tejas Express
  • Double Decker
  • Intercity-Express.

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Key Points:

  • IRCTC will no charge you extra money in the form of Service charge.
  • This will come into action from September.
  • It is to increase the revenue of the Railways as the profits of IRCTC are not up to the mark.

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