Beware! Tourist find Hidden camera in OYO room. Steps to be safe


Its been shocking that this incident happened under the Affiliate and the quality guidelines of OYO.

Spy camera in Hotel

Hotel Basant Palace which is located in Tehri is under the guidelines of OYO 29893.

At present, if you search for this Hotel on OYO. You won’t get any information. 

is oyo rooms safe

This Hotel is removed and terminated from OYO after the breaking news. OYO is known for safety and people do trust the rooms which are under OYO contract. This news can show some effect on OYO and its trust.

Hidden Camera Caught on Ceiling Fan

5 people have booked the room with 3 female and 2 men among them and they booked two rooms in that hotel.

After resting they went off to the sleep at night and something strange light got noticed to them from fan ceiling.

Source: TOI

Later they have checked the fan and they got shocked to see the Spy-camera and the group informed to the police authorities but the hotel staff ignored it. So they thought the hotel staff is involved in it and they have directly contacted the police.

After informing, police reached the hotel and registered the case and arrested under Section 354D,509 on the hotel owner “Laxmi Prasad Bhatt”.

Police officer ” DS Tomar,” said that there is a camera in one of these rooms and the case is being still investigated for photos and videos misuse.

Police have seized the hotel and each and every room is being checked and also the captured data with the Spy cameras.

Who is responsible? OYO or Hotel Management?

Many people claim that this is completely done by Hotel Management and there is no hand of OYO in it.

Here you need to understand some logic here. Though the camera setup and everything is done by the Hotel owner. But the whole blame and the responsibility will go for OYO as because OYO claims that the ” Hotel is serviced under the trade name of Hotel Basant Palace as per the quality standards of OYO

However, the main culprit is in Jail and as of now, OYO needs to take a step ahead to take care of such incidents that won’t repeat again.

Is OYO Rooms Safe

There are a lot of people searching on the internet regarding ” OYO rooms are safe for unmarried”. Here you need to understand some important points.

Without OYO branding hotel are completely managed by the hotel staff and we are not aware of their management. So if you’re going to the place where there’s not much infrastructure and it is remote then it is very risky to stay there. But whereas if it is under OYO partnership or branding, you can still think of staying there as OYO take cares of the quality and safety guidelines of that particular hotel. Even, everything is not under OYO control so you need to take safety measures before booking that hotel. Make sure you see all the reviews and the area and it would be fine to book it.

Tips to identify hidden cameras anywhere

Check all these places

  • Electric Outlet
  • Fans
  • Bulbs
  • Shower Points
  • Night Lights
  • Bed Lights
  • Books
  • Selves
  • Holes in the wall
  • Decorative items

Check Oddly placed objects

On to the empty wall or any place, if there is some object which is placed and it looks odd, you need to have a check that as well.

Observe Red or Green Light

When you switch off the lights, carefully look around the room if there’s any red light or green light is being visible because many spy cameras come with LED light when they are switched on.