Reason Behind the #JCBKiKhudayi memes. Why JCB went so viral


Didn’t even imagine that something this extent can happen. It’s also strange being this topic into the news.

The Internet will never be a dull phase or boring Instagram or Facebook scrolls because something or other different content gets viral. That’s exactly what had happened, JCB got viral. Yes! It’s literally a digger machine. Within No-time internet is flooded with JCB memes and even actress like Sunny Leone reacted to this and posted a picture on Instagram as well.

Initial Start of JCB Memes

Okay! This is the main part to know, where the kick-off start of JCB that led to this extent of viral.

The answer is YouTube, so it’s always a different aspect of seeing the YouTube trending list. Because there’s a lot of crappy content that gets into the YouTube trending section. At present, the situation is changed and you will get organised content.

However, JCB videos didn’t come in the trending section but it attracted nearly 15 Million views on YouTube. There’s no explanation, no science, no information and nothing. Just JCB digging aka #JCBkiKhudayi in that 15 Million viewership video. People just want to see the digging process of JCB and just stare. Keeping a note on that, people got even shocked by the views which it got on YouTube. From then, JCB memes got started and spreading like a rapid fire. People usually pick up these memes and share as it is an unexpected topic and trend.

Top #JCBKiKhudayi Memes

People starting showing their creativity in an awesome way and people are loving it. You must look out some Memes.


No matter what, all memes are so funny and entertaining.

Reason for Getting Viral

On a serious note, Instagram and Facebook are completely turning into an entertainment platform and people usually use Instagram for funny memes. Without memes, Instagram users can deplete day by day. Back those days, people usually use Social Networking sites for connecting with friends and interacting with the photos. At present, it is completely dominated by funny aspects and videos. Compare to Facebook, Instagram has more user engagement.

So the #JCBkiKhudayi is the funniest thing to get in trend and memes are even funnier. So people love to share funniest things on Instagram and that’s what it happened.

Response of JCB

Obviously, JCB( Joseph Cyril Bamford) is a company and we call the machine as Backhoe. So by this, the company got an advantage over the brand awareness as well as promotion with those Memes.  Even JCB also responded over this and stating that          “We are truly humbled by all the love shown for our brand with . Thank you to our customers and fans across India for your enthusiasm and support! With JCB, you can .