Jio Phone 2 images, Unboxing and complete feature List


The revoulutionary has been turnerd around with the introduction of Jio. The main success behind Jio is to be named for the technology and the huge investment.

Due to this, there’s a lot increase in Internet users. A lot means a lot and due to Jio many YouTube channel’s have increased their subscribers growth.

An overall development from villages and internet to each person is established. No matter what…After Jio there’s lot has been changed in terms of Knowledge and even other factors.

Moreover you will get most of services from Jio. Like say…

  • Jio TV
  • Broadband
  • Jio Music
  • Jio Store
  • Especially Jio Phone
  • Many more and going to add to the list.

In this article you will get Jio Phone 2 images with Unboxing features. Jio Phone is specially meant for people who can’t afford smartphone and want internet on their phone.

I would say it’s a masterpiece to buy if you’re willing to. Even you can use this phone as a back-up on and also it is best suitable for hostlers.

Jio Phone 2 Images and Unboxing.

jio phone 2 images

This is special package in which you will get the cardboard for Jio and also plaster which is made of Jio Digital Life.

jio phone 2 box

After opening the box you able to see the new Jio Phone 2 box with the phone image on the top and also written the Jio Digital Life branding.

Here you can see some vital information on the box. Which apps you can get with Jio phone and what all you can do with this phone are mentioned here.

The list of Jio Phone 2 specification.

  • 2.4 inch TFT Display
  • 2 MP VGA Camera
  • 2000 mAH battery
  • 512 MB RAM and 4 GB ROM
  • SD Card expandable upto 128 GB.

Let me explain the termonology of the technology used in this phone. QVGA TFT display which is called ” Short Video Graphics Array” generally it is used for the rswolution of 320X240.

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array.

Here in this image you can see all the services , features and specs clearly.

Jio Phone 2 Features which are the part of Jio Phone. Features are awesome for a normal range phone. Moreover special addons which you won’t expect in this type of mobile phone.

  • HD Voice Call & Video call
  • 4G Internet Browsing
  • Multiple Indian Languages
  • GPS/Bluetooth
  • Wireless FM Radio
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Headphone Jack

After you unbox you can see the main phone placed a side of the blue box. It is somewhat similar to blackberry phones which we used to get before. It’s made of plastic but ya… It’s durable.

Here you will get Querty Keypad and navigation button for all the purposes.

Even it’s not so bad at the looks. At the price range it’s way better and packed with lots of extra features.

Apps which you get with Jio Phone 2

  • My Jio
  • Jio Chat
  • Jio Music
  • JioXpressNews
  • Jio Pay
  • Jio Games
  • Jio Store
  • Jio Video call

These are a very good amount of Apps which you can access with this small hand phone.

And next it goes on see other components which you will get with this phone.

Along with phone…Obvious you will be getting a charger and battery along with it. Unfortunately you won’t get any earphones with it.

But it’s fine it doesn’t cost a much. You will also get some paper work and some Jio stickers. Even this you will get along if you buy any SIM card.

You will also get Limited Warranty paper and in that you will just get the rules of the Terms and Conditions. To claim warranty you just need to have a purchased bill that’s it.

You will get input of 100-240 V-50/60 HZ and 0.2 A. The output is 5V with 700 mA.

Jio Phone 2 image after switching on.

This look cool when you turn the Jio Phone 2 and it has pretty good display even. So watching YouTube videos doesn’t seems boring or blurry.

Google Assistant in Jio Phone 2

You will get Google Assistant as well with Jio Phone 2 by which you can access commonds with your vioice which is very cool and premium.

You can press long in speaker button to activate Google Assistant. Moreover you have Jio Money button seperately and you can open that within a click.

On the right side you will get contacts and Alerts on the left hand. The use of phone is very easy.

In this Jio phone you will get 2 SIM Cards and also a memory card slot.

When you open menu you can see all the avaliable apps in the menu. You can see that Facebook is also avaliable in Jio Phone 2.

You will also have Jio store from which you can download some compactible apps which is best suitable for Jio Phone 2.

You will have a broswer App avalible and you can browse internet as well in Jio Phone 2.

YouTube is one of the main fetching aspect of this phone. You won’t even get bored if you have this phone with you.

Front and back camera in Jio Phone 2

Camera option is avaliable but there is no use of it because it has very bad quality. So camera is not be a good feature with this phone. In case of some situations you can make use of camera.

Moreover the main fetching aspect is that it has front camera as well. It’s like All in One phone.

The PRICE of Jio Phone 2 is Rs: 2,999.

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