Top 4 Major tech-upgrades in 2018


Tech In 2017

2017 has been a fabulous year for tech upgrade and the major upgrade in the sector of smartphones seen in 2017 is an increment of aspect ratio from 16:9 to 18:9 aspect ratio display and a major upgrade related to Apple was in iPhone X face ID technology is introduced and we have noticed significant upgrade in artificial intelligence even for many smartphones like okay Google Siri upgrade and many others.

2017 is the year where you can find  budget type smartphones like Xiaomi Redmi 5A which is having sufficient features and phones like OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T turned the smartphone industry by offering the premium device at very low prices

Tech-Upgrades in 2018


1) Fingerprint sensor

For upcoming smartphones, fingerprint sensor will be located under the display that means there won’t be any physical button installed and you need to unlock the smartphone by your finger placed on the display screen as this is due to an increase of aspect ratio display and it even gives premium look for the smartphones.

2) Foldable display

 We have heard about the curved display launched by LG but for a change in 2018, Samsung had already filed Patent for foldable phone and they had promised to bring foldable phones in 2018 and to opt for this type of display technology the inner components of the display screen should also be foldable and major changes need to be done during the manufacturing of foldable display.

3) Samsung graphene ball Battery technology

This technology is exclusively introduced by Samsung and the company had also filed a patent for graphene ball batteries.

Graphene ball batteries will replace lithium batteries in 2018. When we compare graphene ball batteries to lithium batteries, the graphene ball batteries given more battery life and can take less time to charge and can withstand the temperatures of 60°. It would be the best upgrade of 2018 for Samsung as many smartphones of Samsung catch fire due to increased temperatures of batteries.

For Detail information about Graphene Ball Batteries click here.

4) Health

In 2018 we will notice major changes in the health sector.  Apple had already announced that in future Apple Watch device, electrocardiography(EKG) will be added, by this we can measure our heartbeat pulse whether it is going high or low and depending on these high or low fluctuations we can just take necessary precautions which are required at emergency situations.


These are the major Tech upgrades which I have observed which will bring major changes in 2018. If you have any latest 2018 upgrades share that information in the comments section below.


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