How liquid cooling vs Air cooling system works for Mobile.(Poco F1)


System, body, engine, electronic equipment or any other need cooling for better performance.


Note: Xiaomi Poco F1 Has a liquid cooling system


Today I will share some information regarding Liquid cooling in Mobiles. Sounds New? ?. You may come across this word regarding latest High-end CPU’S.

Ok, let’s take an example of a car… How does a car get its engine chill? You will say coolant. Right? Of course, a coolant is a form of the liquid which makes the engine to its normal temperature.

What happens to a car when there is no coolant 

We all know that, while the engine is running it produces heat. We need to dissipate heat to the atmosphere. To do that we have two ways.

One is through Air, and another one is through a liquid which is said to be coolant regarding vehicle terminology.

For cars, the only atmosphere Air is sufficient to cool down the engine? No! We need coolant for extra coolness for the engine. Without coolant, an engine cannot work at its normal condition and can cause the serious problem.

How can we relate this car example to a Mobile

In general, we have two ways to cool our Mobile device. One is keeping it in front of the Air conditioner. Seriously? ? Not actually.

Liquid Cooling vs Air cooling

  • Air Cooling
  • Liquid cooling

Air cooling:  When we play high graphical games on our mobile automatically the device gets warm. To get back the device to its normal state we don’t have any external source. So we need to rely only on the atmosphere Air only.

liquid cooling vs air cooling

The device can be cool down only by the natural Air. If the surrounding temperature itself is hot, at those times device won’t get back to its normal temperature easily. At those times we need to keep our device in Aeroplane mode or need to leave the device for some minutes.

  • What happens when we continue to operate our device at high temperatures?

If you push the phone to its limits, you will observe serious lags while playing any basic game and even in normal operation of the phone.

When the temperature exceeds its limits you will receive a warning message of “Overheat”. Correspondingly your phone will be switched off automatically.

Here you can read an article about 2018 MacBook Pro heating issues.

You can see a vast difference in performance. In comparison with the phone working at normal temperature and on the other hand, phone with high temperature.

What happens internally to our Mobile phone at High temperatures?

I already told you that the speed of the phone will be reduced drastically. Okay fine! But at the start, we weren’t experiencing this. We are experiencing only when the device is hot.

So what’s going on under the hood?

When the device is at a normal temperature, the CPU (Processor) speed will be at max if you’re playing high graphical games.

Slowly the device gets hot and the CPU performance gradually throttles down and it doesn’t run at high clock speed. Due to this, you will see the difference in performance.

How to overcome clock speed issue during high temperatures?

Here comes the concept of liquid cooling…

You may be familiar with this word for many High-end CPU’S. If you look through the below image you can see the tubes are passing through the CPU.

The heat is exchanged between the liquid and the CPU. The liquid absorbs all the heat which is released from the CPU and dissipates into the atmosphere.

But there is a serious problem involved in this… In anyways, if those tubes are damaged the liquid present in it can damage the electronics badly.

On the other hand, this won’t be the case for Mobile phones because the quantity present in it is very less and even if it damages the liquid will evaporate immediately.

How liquid cooling system works for Mobile Phones


So here is the equipment placed into the device…

The liquid passes through the liquid line and travels through the evaporator and Thermal diffusion plate.

  • What does the evaporator do?

The evaporator acts like heat exchanger, it takes heat from the processor and the liquid comes near Thermal diffusion plate. Here the liquid releases its heat which was absorbed from the processor.

  • Does it make any difference in performance and temperature?

Yes, it makes the major difference in performance because the processor is continuously in contact with the liquid and it cools down quickly. So there will be no chance of processor throttling down which increase the Mobile performance very much compared to other devices.

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