What is #MainBhiChokidar? How to get reply from Narendra Modi


We all know that the BJP government is an expert in Social Media campaigns. It has a separate team for maintaining their Social Media platforms working continuously.

How the BJP Government is very active in social media?


The simple answer is there its cell. Its cell is a team or workplace all the Digital works will be carried out.

So if anything needs to be done for a website or to the social media platforms. IT cell members will take care of these tasks. If you observer they have high potential to Trend Hashtags in twitter.

They have a certain agenda for doing these tasks. They will first prepare the content and later they will carefully choose the Hashtags. Soon then they will send the written content to another team. This team will check the content is correctly written or not.

If it has written correct, then the document will go to all BJP politicians and they will just simply copy and paste in their social media accounts.

A similar funny incident took place recently. From the BJP IT cell, one member forwards the changed document like BJP is worse etc. The funny part is the politicians of BJP just copy pasted the same content. Later they realized and deleted the tweets.

What is #MainBhiChokidar

PM nare launched a campaign called #mai on twitter with a tweet. The tweet says that

You can see the likes for this tweet. It went viral soon after posted because even in television this topic is a hot trend.

So it is obvious posting anything related to this will be the gaining factor. So BJP took advantage of this situation. which in turn they got successful in this.

How #MainBhiChowkidar works

This tweet is not as similar to others. It has something interesting aspect behind this If you tweet anything using the hashtag #MainBhiChowkidar.

You will get personalized thank you reply from Modi with your twitter handle. You can see the following tweets received from Modi.

Some examples of tweets

How it is possible to do? Do Narendra Modi manually writing these replies?

The simple answer is “No”. Obviously! It is done by coding which in short, called as Twitter Bot.

What is Twitter Bot and how it works?

In simple language its an automation to complete the specific task.  Especially when we take twitter bot for Narendra Modi.

The bot is performing some smart things. As a reply to every person is not the same. You can see the reply to the person are different which feels it looks real.

Moreover, you are getting a personalized image with the signature of modi along with the first name mentioned in that image. This is a somewhat unique feature step by Narendra Modi.

Some unique features of this Tweet are

  • You can get a personalized message.
  • Also, you will have a JPEG image along with your name mentioned on the image. 
  • Every message is different from others.

Do everyone can make this type of Tweets

It’s not any special feature to Narendra Modi. It can be done by everyone with a little bit of coding knowledge.

Twitter Developer window can help you to make these types of magic.

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