Must read these rules to get Google Adsense approval soon

Tips for getting Adsense Approval
Must read these rules to get Google Adsense approval soon


In this, I will share my personal experience of getting the approval of Adsense. This is one of the controversial topics of all time.

Like me, you had also started a blog with passion and want to turn your hard work into an income source? Then you have landed on a correct page.

Now I will share some points which will help you before applying for Adsense.

Why is the approval of Google Adsense very strict?

If they approve each and every application which they receive then it is not possible for them to maintain quality and as well their advertiser interest.

So by this point, we can conclude that approval of blogs needs Quality content. And here I will be sharing how to maintain that quality before applying and there is a common myth in our minds that we need to wait until 6 months before applying for Adsense.No, It’s not at all true. If your website design, quality is good enough then you will get approved within 20 to 25 days.


Points to keep in mind:

1)  Write High-quality content.

Yes, we may here. We need to write Quality content but no one explains what parameters are required to say the content is high-quality.

The parameters are:

  • Content-Length:   Whenever you write a blog post, at least it should have 300 to 400 words.
  • Grammar: We need to follow  grammar rules while writing a blog post. For example: Using simple words for easy understanding and sentence formation should be attractive. You can improve this by reading my blog or other professional blogs.
  • Unique:  Content which is unique and not copied and modified from another website. You should write in your own perspective way.
  • Purpose: Purpose being sharing information or answer to a challenge, problem or requirement your users have.


2) Create Pages:

You need to create and include pages like.

  • About page:   Here is the sample of my About Page.
  • Privacy Policy: Generate the privacy policy for your own blog by clicking Here.
  • Contact Me:   Here you need to provide information to the users by which they can contact you.


3) Design: 

This is one of the important aspects of Adsense approval.  Things to do to improve the design.


  • Theme: You need to purchase a good Responsive theme. Make sure your theme is responsive or else mobile users can’t get much user experience when they visit your blog. It also shows a negative impact for Adsense approval. You can even use free responsive themes.
  • Placing Articles:  You need to add a recent post, popular post to your sidebar which improves the user experience. Add only widgets which are useful for your users and do not add unnecessary widgets.
  • Categories:  Add categories relevant to your blog post. So a user can easily guide through it and it also saves time.

4) Content-Type: 

Here you need to be more particular as because Google doesn’t accept every content as selection criteria for Adsense approval.

Content which is related to:

  • Pornography/Adult materials
  • Pirated Content
  • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff

These type of contents are not eligible for Adsense approval.

5) Use High-Level domain: (.com) 

Many beginners post articles by creating an account in blogger called Blogspot, experimenting in blogger is a good practice, but do not apply for Adsense with although it’s quite easier to get approved. But  According to new Adsense policies when you upgrade to .com extension then you need to re-apply for Adsense. So before applying, buy a domain from Godaddy which will cost $10-15 per year and then apply it.



  • Apply for Adsense after posting 10-15 articles.
  • Remove all other Ad networks from your blog.
  • Use dull colours for your blog. 
  • Do not use copyrighted images. 
  • Make sure you are 18+ if not apply using your parent’s email address.


Some Common questions people do have about Adsense.

1)  How much time it takes for Adsense to verify and E-mail us.

A. It may take 6 to 7 working or even less.

2) What if Adsense disapproves application?

A) If  Adsense disapproves your application. You can re-apply it after doing necessary changes.

3) Why is my Adsense account got suspended?

A) If you violate any of their Google Adsense policy Guidelines your account will be permanently suspended.

If you have any other questions. Feel free to comment down below.



  1. Thank you so much sir. By reading your post. Finally, I got approved. I am so so happy.

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